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(Dark Rose)
18 / Female / Single
Illinois - United States
You allready know who it is!

It’s your Girl!

Add me My Goddess

This is back to my main loves

My Top Servants

@Not_Quite_Fem - My insecure First girl. She may be needy and sometimes a little pushy. However no one else cares about my attention as much as her.

@MissToyz - My cutest little angel

@Phoebe The lover of my first servant. They will have to share her now. Though I consider stealing her

@Alfred My first Male servant

@Daddylittlemonster She’s feisty!

@MaybeRedsLikeRoses - My sweet daughter!

@JennyCrimson - She put up the most resistance. Made me work for her.

Latest Status

I apologize everyone. I will be gone a few days. A family medical emergency. I’m sure you all understand
6  Mar 19th 2019 04:34

Latest Questions

Q. HHey, did you know I updated your name in my honorable mentions(

To show how loyal you are and that you belong to me as my sweet little chocolate bunny.
A. Thhhhhank you
 Mar 17th 2019 00:49

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