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(Jett Adler )
23 / Male / Forever Alone
Manhattan , New York - United States
Welcome Stranger !

This is going to be a profile for multiple characters named Jett Adler but it's also going to have characters that are either already characters from anime or video games, tv shows and movies.

These characters are all straight.

I'm going to have multiple relationships for each character unless we discuss something in private and if we agree then that character will be yours specifically. And I will add your profile to that character's blog to show that character is claimed.

I have been roleplaying since 2013 but have been only roleplaying on this site off and on since 2015. I have nine years worth of roleplay under my belt.

My characters are all going to be anime pictures but that doesn't mean I'm going to just roleplay just anime. I don't roleplay with people with real life face claims. But I will roleplay universes of all kinds, for example I can roleplay in Resident Evil or Marvel. As long as I can find a character that has a picture that's a anime.

Thanks for reading my bio but for a final touch I want to start seeing people reading my rules. Recently I've gotten a lot of friends and 90% haven't read my rules. So I'm going to start cracking the whip on that. Sorry not sorry.

Since my stalkers don't actually pay attention when sending requests. I have to put this here too. I don't roleplay with anyone under 18. Don't like underage so don't play with underage. Also I don't and I repeat don't roleplay with people with real life face claims.

Other than that look forward to plotting with you all !

Latest Status

Want to let everyone know ahead of time. That my job is giving us longer shifts which means I work mornings to late evening. Like 10am to like 10pm or longer so I might not be on this week. I might have to go back to being a weekend warrior. Please don't hate me. I hope people will understand and not unfriend me again...
Mood: worried
0  Jan 16th 2022 23:45

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