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24 / Male / In a Relationship
Washington - United States
●Fantasy, sm*t, dark themes, plot twists

●At least one detailed para preferred, if you are doing less please don't add

●Romance is a part of life!

●But the fun hides inside the fantasies!

●Let's be friends, anyone can ask for social media accounts.

●Call me as Alex

I don't write down my plot ideas unless I want them badly, then I will share them in forum. I prefer having our characters intimate, make them sweat together and having their bed's shake. Besides that dark themes, mafia and plot twists are my favourite. I haven't watched lots of series but if we are talking about movies and video games I'm up for the universe if I'm interested or mixing them into our own universe.

No harrashment or unrespect there, I will expect the same from my roleplay partner. Hope to hear from amazing persons :)

Also I do only FxM romance :)

@Indica she is the hottest woman ever. I love you baby. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

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I love you too!!!
Feb 11th 2020 11:42