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(Alfie JarHead)
24 / Male / Single
Minnesota - United States
Hi I’m Alfie


Info: Alfie dad abdoned him at 18 years old his mom look After him for a while being completely abandoned never making contact with his family . Some business man had approach him to do job in handing parcels never question what was inside package seeing opportunity to get a job making money . Once being caught out and tortured for months still in love with his captors who tortured him gets nightmares before bedtime as he was deported back to USA going back to his old life while Alfie is troubled with dark mind his still very cute and innocent.

Personality: mischievous, trouble- maker , cute , innocent, dirty minded

Hobbies: sleeping , playing with cotton and ribbons , eating candy , watching Netflix , playing video games

Sexuality: pansexual leans towards guys and girls


18 + furry anime and steamy romance light mature theme hugs, kisses, cuddles etc.

MXM , mxf , fxf , mxnb

No rape

No blackmail

No pedo

No ageplay

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Well I did know computer skills , I’m running out of air XD
 Dec 4th 2022 19:29

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