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(Sakura Haruno)
24 / Other / In a Relationship
Wherever the f*** I want, Konoha - United States
°OOC: !!HEAVILY ALTERED CHARACTER AHEAD!! Read my blog! It's just rules and info on how I'm going to portray her!

♡This is not the Sakura you know, she's vastly different yet still maintains a few traits of the original.♡

◇Friendly admin, not here for friends or relationships, rps only.◇

☆Don't add me if you're a Sakura hater, I will block and report you for harassment.☆

♤Canon characters only please, NO OCs....♤°


"Alright, so which of you dickwads have what it takes to be my dark King?"

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Hey, I wanted to apologize for disappearing for a bit, it's been a bit of a struggle on my end due to work. Hopefully we can continue our rp.
Jan 4th 2022 00:42