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(Adam Cowie)
21 / Male / Single
Fortuna City, United States
Hello people. I thank you for your humble presence. I haven't been roleplaying for long so I suppose it’s fair to say I am quite new to role playing even though I would like to adapt. I don't really 'excel' at any particular roleplay fields but I try to do my best. As my username suggests, I usually play Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise. You can find his information here>wiki>Dante
You are welcome to check the link if interested. Unfortunately I have no pre-made OCs. I make them on the fly based on individual plots. I am okay with most type of roleplays but I usually enjoy the 'fantasy/action' genre more. I like reading books, watching movies and playing video games.

I try to be quite friendly and casual and besides roleplaying, I am open to regular chat too if you need someone to talk or listen to you. You all are welcome to add me. Now, this is not exactly a requirement but please try to be literate, like putting spaces and punctuation marks in their due places. I have no judgement against those who don't, I understand if English is not your first language. It’s just that I sometimes can't understand what they are saying. Thanks for your time to those who bothered to read all these and hope you have a good day. :)

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