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(Adam Cowie)
22 / Male / In a Relationship
Fortuna City, United States
Hello people. I thank you for your humble presence. I haven't been roleplaying for long so I suppose it’s fair to say I am quite new to role playing even though I would like to adapt. I don't really 'excel' at any particular roleplay fields but I try to do my best. As my username suggests, I usually play Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise. You can find his information here>wiki>Dante
You are welcome to check the link if interested. Unfortunately I have no pre-made OCs. I make them on the fly based on individual plots. I am okay with most type of roleplays but I usually enjoy the 'fantasy/action' genre more. I like reading books, watching movies and playing video games.

I try to be quite friendly and casual and besides roleplaying, I am open to regular chat too if you need someone to talk or listen to you. You all are welcome to add me. Now, this is not exactly a requirement but please try to be literate, like putting spaces and punctuation marks in their due places. I have no judgement against those who don't, I understand if English is not your first language. It’s just that I sometimes can't understand what they are saying. Also, here are some simple ground rules which are not that hard to follow. If you add me, you have to be the one who starts talking. If you don't intend to roleplay or even chat, why would you friend someone? If I see you have been online but never talked, I have to delete you, unfortunately. Secondly, if you need to leave in the middle of a conversation (excluding roleplays), tell me that you need to go. If you can't right then, then tell me after you return. If I see you online for days but haven’t replied to my message then well, you get deleted. So if you are unable or unwilling to follow these simple rules then please kindly show yourself out of my friend list, or even better, do not add me in the first place.

Thanks for your time to those who bothered to read all these and hope you have a good day. :)

Significant other : @MAGICALDISASTER

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0  May 23rd 2020 18:03

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Q. Hey hun, checking in on you<3 hope your weekend was restful
A. Thank you for your concern, Jenna. I am afraid it wasn't. :( How was your weekend?
 10 hours ago

Q. Hey are we still on or do you want me to add? I’m really looking forward to working on this with you <3
A. Sorry, my aunt is a COVID patient so I get busy from time to time with her treatment. I will try to get back to you soon.
 May 15th 2020 11:52

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Take your time hun <3 if you just wanna chat you know where to find me
May 22nd 2020 12:06

The last reply you wrote me was absolutely amazing <3 your writing style drives me nuts XD
May 21st 2020 20:33