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(Adam Cowie)
21 / Male / Single
Fortuna City, United States
Hello people. I thank you for your humble presence. I haven't been roleplaying for long so I suppose it’s fair to say I am quite new to role playing even though I would like to adapt. I don't really 'excel' at any particular roleplay fields but I try to do my best. As my username suggests, I usually play Dante from the Devil May Cry franchise. You can find his information here>wiki>Dante
You are welcome to check the link if interested. Unfortunately I have no pre-made OCs. I make them on the fly based on individual plots. I am okay with most type of roleplays but I usually enjoy the 'fantasy/action' genre more. I like reading books, watching movies and playing video games.

I try to be quite friendly and casual and besides roleplaying, I am open to regular chat too if you need someone to talk or listen to you. You all are welcome to add me. Now, this is not exactly a requirement but please try to be literate, like putting spaces and punctuation marks in their due places. I have no judgement against those who don't, I understand if English is not your first language. It’s just that I sometimes can't understand what they are saying. Thanks for your time to those who bothered to read all these and hope you have a good day. :)

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Those of you who are familiar with the 'Harry Potter' franchise must also know about the infamous invisibility cloak of his. I am glad to inform you lot that I too, have mastered the fine art of invisibility myself, like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of my friends left in the middle of our conversations and even though they keep being online, they no longer reply to the conversation. As a simple minded person, I have deduced that this must mean my messages are invisible to ordinary e
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3  Jul 15th 2019 09:38

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MamasBoy asked the question
Q. You mad at me
A. No, sorry for not replying. My connection was unstable for some reason.
 Jun 19th 2019 13:07

soju asked the question
Q. True.
But I dont own a guitar.
A. You can probably buy a second hand one for cheap price. As long as it works it’s fine. Mine is hella old too.
 Jun 17th 2019 15:49

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I'm doing well, too
Jul 15th 2019 21:38

My name is Sticks. How are you?
Jul 15th 2019 20:52

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Devil may Cry??? Vergil or V is it? Your brother
Jun 10th 2019 22:32

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Hello I'm back
May 27th 2019 19:13