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(Daniel Gandy)
33 / Male / In a Relationship
Washington - United States
-* Under Construction*-

Bio and blogs will be added

Taken by sexiest woman @WildDesire

Latest Status

Hello people :3

I'm pretty much new here and seeking for people to have a connection and a nice roleplay :) Place share this post around this site to help me.
Everyone who adds me will get a surprise <3

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0  3 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Why your other friend blocked me?
A. My friend? Which one?
 24 hours ago

Q. Where are you?
A. Sorry sugar I am busy at work
 Oct 13th 2019 13:43

Latest Comments

It's ok babe but I'll miss you. Nighty night ♥
19 hours ago

Sorry, I am here now.
19 hours ago

Be right back, love.
Oct 14th 2019 10:59

Wow I love the car, thank you so much that means a lot to me :) I'll be safe, no worries. I like it also to spend time with you ^^
Oct 14th 2019 07:34