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(Enma Yori)
23 / Female / Single
Oklahoma - United States
Quick warnings:
> Dark themes are always a part of Enma's past - you'll see what I mean, trust me.
> I can morph Enma into any universe, but I will always play Enma.
> I pretty much have one day a week free to roleplay fully - if that bothers you, it is not my issue.
> Know the difference between "p0rn" (90% of p0rnhub), "p0rn with plot" (50 Shades), "plot with p0rn" (Shape of Water), and "plot" (Avengers), because I'm only okay with the last two.
> Enma's gender is not set in stone, so feel free to let me know if you'd prefer Akito; in fact, I've roleplayed solely as Akito before, but just know that he will always be gay.
> I don't do One-liners, and even semi-para is VERY rare.
Those are the biggest things, but there are more 'guidelines' in my blog if you want to look them over (as well as example plots I've collected over time). Now, please, do carry on, haha.


"Enma Yori, age 16, a perfect and talented young student. She has a bright future and golden oppotunities ahead." What a joke; in fact, so many times, she was told the same comedic and bullsh*t lines, as if someone truly believed it. But instead of realizing the lies behind those words, what adults decided not to believe was that she loved men who were twice or three times her age. "Silly girl," they laughed it off to one another while they sipper on some revolting tea. The scent felt like a punch to the stomach.

And so, she was sure her attraction was normal - surely, if it wasn't, someone would have told her that gazing dreamily up at a matured professor and his silvering hair was wrong. They would have scorned her. They would have shunned her. As such, under the impression that she was perfectly normal, she confessed to her professor without the slightest stutter or linger. She could feel butterflies buzzing erratically in her stomach - that was normal, everything was normal - and she actually felt hope swelling in heart. She actually thought there was a chance of her feelings being reciprocated.

He was 54 years old.

Not even a minute after those famous three words slipped from her lips, did rumors explode through the school, and every ear turned the story worse. It was like some old and haunted telephone game. "A teacher seducing a student" - everyone was outraged and disgusted at the man, no matter how many times that very same student kept insisting the professor had done nothing wrong. Instead, Enma's attempts to help her professor finally turned the situation onto her. 'She seduced him!' The people used to whisper in horror, even after they already caused her teacher to lose his job, his family, and ruined his life and name, 'Disgusting, throwing herself at every old man she sees. How did her parents raise her?' It didn't take long, nor was Enma surprised, when her parents finally cracked and kicked her out of the house to save their reputation, without so much as acknowledging how they could've caused the problem.
But while growing thinner and thinner in some back alley, and while her stomach stung as it tried to consume itself, Enma finally felt the answer creep up underneath her school uniform without permission. "I'll take care of you," a faceless, gravely voice chuckled darkly as it started fondling her young body in between the trash bags, and she finally saw the "light" that adults always spoke about. After all, it's easy to find your type when you search for them through the deplorable few who would pay to have sex with a young girl, and at the same time, she could afford to eat and get an education. Even when she spends her nights in the beds of strangers and even when she allows them to do whatever they want with her body, at least it numbs her mind to the headline that appeared in the news a few months later, "Pedophile Professor Shoots Himself."


Note: I am a 24-year-old, grown-ass woman in real life. I do NOT and will NEVER support an inappropriate relationship with anyone under the age of 18 in real life. That said, this is not real life and Enma is 16- to 17-years-old and only has romance roleplays with men who are twice or more than that, and I'm always open to other taboos. If that bothers you, I understand, and I'm more than willing to age her up a bit, but please be sure to message me a warning, so I don't make you unnecessarily uncomfortable. Thank you.

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