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First Name: Ari
Last Name: Bright
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Species: Fairy
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Birthday: 12/05/00

Eye Color(s): Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Hair length and style(s): His hair is curly and reaches his waist in length, but he likes to put it up into a ponytail or bun
Skin tone: Almond
Body type: His build is very feminine which is why everyone confuses him for a girl
Height: 7in
Weight: 95LB

About him/her
Personality: Helpful, Clever, Logical, Sweet, Adventurous, Forgiving, Confident, Forgetful, Reckless, innocent
Like(s): cold things on hot days and hot things on cold days, surreal and abstract stuff, lounging in a hammock, oversized sweaters/loose clothes, dresses and skirts, high heels
Dislike(s): blood, werewolves
Hobbies: Drawing in the sand, playing in rain, collecting things
Allergies: None
Fear(s): Being crushed
Special Powers/Abilities: magical knowledge, invisibility, enhanced strength, possibly immortality, and telekinesis
Weapon(s): Doesn’t have any, he hates fighting
Extra: His wings are a bright blue, just like his eyes.

Scent: Flowers
Blood type: A-
Outfit(s): (In picture)
Accessories: Flowers, a belt made out of beads
Makeup: None
Scars: Some on his legs and arms from falls
Tattoo(es): A heart tattoo on his cheek
Jewelry: Belt made of beads
Piercing(s): None

Theme Song: The sound of the birds chirping
Favorite Food(s): Cranberry, kiwi, bread, strawberries, nuts, syrup
Favorite Drink(s): Water
Favorite color(s): Violet, Green, Blue lilac, Curry, Black, Pink, Pearl gentian blue
Favorite Animal(s): Kitten
Favorite Number: 4
Favorite Season(s): Summer, Spring
Favorite Holiday(s): None
Favorite Time of Day: Early Morning, MidDay

Beauty/Personality: Personality
Fight/Flight: Flight
Hot/Cold: Both
Sweet/Sour: Sweet
Confident/Unsure: Both
Work/Relax: A little bit of both
Disorderly/Organized: Organized
Logical/Emotional: Emotional
Idealist/Realist: Idealist
Optimist/Pessimist: Optimist
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Real name: Remi Knight
Alias: The Quiet One
Nickname: Rem
Age: Can vary
D.O.B: August 14
D.O.D: presumed to have died on May 23
Birthplace: Denver, Colorado
Languages: English, Spanish, german
Voice: Raspy, low, quiet
Current residence: Childhood home
Gender: Female or male
Species: Part ghost/demon
Stause: Alive but dead
Cause of Death: Not dead but was hit by a bus
Alliance: None
Occupation: unemployed
Weapons: Uses different weapons very often, but uses a knife the most
Method of killing: She would often make the crime scene look like a murder-suicide or just a suicide when it’s only one person they have to kill.
Goal/Reason to kill: Bullies
Phrase: Never say anything while killing
Theme song: None
Hobby(ies): Painting, playing the piano
Special Items: None
Likes: certain words, beach combing, eagles, vampires, and peanut butter, murder, blood, being in love, video games, technology
Dislikes: complaining, and a specific pattern (spirals, plaid, etc.)
Fear(s): Heights
Personality: Alert, rebellious, Always finish what they start, and Untidy, Sincere, Intelligent, Emotional, Loyal, Lacks realistic goals, Hostile, Pro-active, Flexible, and Loves to argue

Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Relationship: Very single
Family: Their parents and that is all
Allies/Friends: Didn’t have many other than a small friend group of only three friends
Rivals/Enemies: Nearly the whole school hated them

Hair: They have long messy hair, that is a nice hazel brown, they hate combing it and just leave it be.
Skin: They have very very pale skin, but they can give it a more human color when possible. Their body is covered in lots of scars, and healed scars where stitched used to be.
Eyes: Their eyes used to be a bright hazel, but after she was bit by the bus her eyes lost their spark and even made her blind in one eye.
Height: 5’10Ft
Weight: 130Lb
Body type: Very thin and lanky, but is still very strong
Outfit: A black plaid flannel, a turtle neck, a pair of blood jeans, and combat books.
Accessories: Barely any but an earring
Distinguishing features: Discolored skin all over her body.

Disorder(s): Anxiety, Paranoia
Disabilities: None
- Stasis. (Temporarily freeze time)
- Memory manipulation. (Change (but not remove) the memories of the target)
- Wall crawler. (Stick to almost any surface and crawl about like a gecko)
- Runs with a slight limp since she had one of her legs completely crushed
- gets terrible cramps
- Has terrible anxiety attacks when she’s under too much pressure.

Intelligence: 6/10
Strength: 8/10
Speed: 5/10
Agility: 6/10
Endurance: 7/10
Stamina: 8/10
Balance: 4/10
Tolerance: 2/10
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