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19 / Female / Forever Alone
Ya mom, ... - United States
Hello, and thank you for taking time to read this! I am here to bring some happiness to others with cute animal pictures and such, I will also post one happy animal for the day. But please understand if we are going to roleplay, stay mindful of my rules which are important.

We don't always have to roleplay! You can just add me for images of cute animals that will brighten your day!
(This still applies!)
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Let me hit you with a happy Shiba in a swing!
Mood: happy
6  10 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. No you aren't.. We'll find something what might work. I care to mutch about you.
A. I hope we do find something, I don't want you to think I don't like you, I like you and our roleplays a lot!
 Jul 27th 2022 03:07

Q. If i can help by sending something else.. Because i realy miss you. In general.. :'(
A. That would help get my brain going! But I don't want to seem like a bother.
 Jul 26th 2022 16:49

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"I am so dahm tired.. But i rather want to snuggle with you lion! A big warhm body with a handsome face.."
Jul 25th 2022 13:58

Aww boo. It's okay hun
May 25th 2022 13:08

Hello ^^
Sep 23rd 2021 20:04