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Just finished arcane and oh my god it was so good, can’t wait for season 2! Jinx is amazing as well as Vi.
1  Nov 22nd 2021 22:20

Latest Questions

Q. Hehe why babe do u like that I'm wearing your clothes? ❤
A. I love it, you look good, baby.
 Nov 24th 2021 00:01

Q. "Heya toots. Like the new look? Thought I'd spruce myself up a bit"
A. Always, puddin *kisses*
 Aug 4th 2021 07:21

Latest Comments

Its set after the episode and before I'd say. So both
Nov 25th 2021 05:58

Zombie Thanos O_O
Nov 25th 2021 05:55

But how Ultron sliced Thanos in half like nothing...
Nov 25th 2021 05:53

I love Thanos in the T'challa episode lol
Nov 25th 2021 05:46

Hello? Not gonna respond to my comment?
Nov 25th 2021 05:39

Nearly finished WHAT IF. My fave episodes are What If Thor was an only Child, What If T'challa became starlord and Zombies. Those are the three best
Nov 25th 2021 05:03

Nov 16th 2021 13:33

Spend some time with me baby ❤
Nov 12th 2021 11:58

I didnt mean to delete your comment! Redo!
Oct 28th 2021 06:25

Check messages
Oct 15th 2021 18:11