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(Patrick Clark)
24 / Male / Single
D.C, Washington - United States
My name is Patrick Clark... The Dream however much rather goes by the Velveteen Dream or just The Dream.

The Dream wrestles for NXT, a great place to be. The Dream has won the World's collide tournament and even has been granted a five star match according to Dave Meltzer... Not that The Dream truly cares...

The Dream is pan-sexual without a lean. The Dream isn't picky, just be good and you maybe have a shot.

The Dream is looking for friends, rivals and overall fun people to fill his friends list so if you think you can amuse The Dream, do not be afraid to add The Dream as a friend.


Latest Comments

"Look who it is! "The Velveteen Dream"! Good seeing you here. I'm guessing you don't really care to see me, right? Still egotistical as usual?"
Feb 12th 2019 13:29

"Oh its you, Oh really? that's nice Velveteen dream."
Feb 11th 2019 18:20

Dear Velveteen Dream... Nikki Has Missed You Too! I Want Someday In We Can Play Again Together With Ciampa, Aleister, And Adam Cole, Nikki Wants To Play With You! Nikki Is Waiting You In The Main Roster, And You... You Want To Play With Nikki Again? Heheheh~
Feb 11th 2019 17:03

"Glad to finally have you on here Dream and thank you. Thats very sweet of you"
Feb 11th 2019 16:45