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Diesel #1

Diesel had watched the plane fly away with Embry safe inside it. They were one. Married. Their eternal promise to one another solidified. It gave him peace of mind knowing she was in this for life with him. Jayden nudged him as Dee laughed softly, coming back to reality. He was sat in a club with his younger brother. They had a night before business began. Jay decided they needed a night out. Just the boys.

“Come on old man, don’t tell me the dementia kicked in.” Jayden smiled before taking a long drink out his bottle. He had already had four and they’d been here just under an hour.

“I’m not taking care of you when you puke in your hotel room Squirt.” Diesel laughed shaking his head, watching his little brother start his next drink.

A few hours later, Diesel had had enough. He wanted to go back to the hotel, his hand was itching to reach into his pocket and text Embry, but she wouldn’t be home yet. He looked around him briefly, nothing out of the ordinary. A hen party had continuously tried to join them. It wasn’t unusual. They saw men who told them repeatedly they were happily taken. They used the timeless phrase over and over in return, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Each time it had been answered with a harsh rejection from one of the men.

Jayden had his head resting on the table. Dee had already cut him off about fifteen minutes ago. He knew he couldn’t handle all that booze. “Come on asshat, let’s get you up.” Diesel moved helping Jay to his feet. He slung his arm around his shoulder. He began walking out of the club, laughing as Jay began mumbling incoherently. He nodded at the security on the door before walking down the street.

Vegas certainly did come alive at night. The lights were bright, music pouring out of every angle. Dee smiled. Sin, desire, risk, addiction. It all screamed around him. No wonder he felt relaxed. A lot of monsters came here, and they certainly blended in extremely well. This would be the next territory they conquered. It had been on Gryffin’s list for a long time. It was only now that he believed they had the resources to take it. An empire to take down a neighboring empire. Diesel was sent to observe and leave a very clear message before he left. It was Jayden who decided last minute to join him.


Jayden was groaning into his coffee as his hood was pulled up over his head. He closed his eyes, trying not to vomit. Again. Dee only laughed as he finished his breakfast. They were at a restaurant; Dee had been eating and Jay nursing his coffee. The painkillers had finally kicked in and he was feeling half alive. Diesel shook his head, “I told you to slow down last night.” He smirked, drinking his coffee as Jay whined.

Diesel’s eyes scanned as they saw the black car pull up. It’s windows tinted so the occupants couldn’t be seen, not until they were exiting the vehicle. Dee watched as two men stepped out, looking around before a much smaller man revealed himself. He frowned looking at the three men. This was wrong, hadn’t Gryffin said it was a different family running Vegas now.

“Jayden. Pull your head out of your stomach and do some research for me?” Diesel asked as Jay frowned before nodding. The laptop was removed quickly from his bag as he began typing, his fingers flying across the keys. It was only when he paused that Dee took his eyes from the building they had entered to look at him. Jayden’s face was pulled into a deeper frown before he looked at the file Gryffin had sent with Diesel.

“This is all wrong. All of it Dee. Where did he get this information?” Jayden asked as Diesel frowned.

“An inside source.” He began to grind his teeth as he figured out the situation he had been thrown in to. All of the information wrong. A message was to be left. Only Diesel wasn’t the one that would be leaving the message. It was Gryffin. That he was in control of his own men’s fate. That f***er had sent Diesel to his death. Signed the death certificate himself. It was at that moment he saw a glint. Diesel had enough time to flip the table as the bullet hit it, Jayden and him ducking behind it.

They took off, running inside, through the restaurant. They moved quickly, in sync, through the back door, taking off down different alley ways. The squeal of tyres could be heard close behind them as they were followed. They came to a back exit for a casino, the cleaner putting trash out. Both running inside as the poor man let out a scream. Once tucked inside a hallway, they stopped, Jayden panting before he threw up once again. Diesel scrunched his nose up before shaking his head. “I bet you wished you’d listened now.”

“F*** off.” Jayden grumbled leaning back against the wall, wiping his mouth. “I told you there was something off about all of this. The fact he sent you alone. He was sending you to an executioner.” Jayden practically growled out as Diesel nodded.

“I know. Don’t worry, he’ll pay Jayden.” His eyes darkened as the anger swirled within them. They were both good fighters, Jay and himself would have a fair fight in hand-to-hand combat against the enemy. But if they had weapons, it would be harder, especially with a sniper at their backs. A loud bang signalled their entry into the casino.

“I have to get home to Jade and Olive. I can’t risk their safety. I promised I’d be home Dee.” Jayden said as steps could be heard getting closer as Dee nodded, looking at his little brother. He clenched his jaw before standing square. Jay took his place next to him, standing tall, “You take left, I’ll take right?” He said as Diesel laughed.

“Try not to puke when you punch.” He chuckled as Jay laughed shaking his head, mumbling about him being an a**hole. Three men rounded the corner, only Jay and Dee were faster, throwing punches quickly. It didn’t take long for them to disarm and beat the three opponents. They received a few blows that would leave bruises but nothing life threatening. They had learned to fight as a unit on other jobs for Gryffin. Where they were used to send clear messages of who was in charge. That debts must be honored, or blood would be spilled.

They both moved outside laughing together as they walked. Diesel wrapped his head around Jayden’s head, rubbing his head with his knuckles as Jay laughed. They had beaten down a clear threat, they’d go home and deal with Gryffin. Together. They reached the mouth of the alley as Jayden sent a message to both Jade and Embry. He made it clear Gryffin wasn’t to be trusted. That they were to go to the location given. They would be safe there, at least until they had dealt with that prick.

“It’s been a while since I ran from a shooter, think we can make it to the airport before it hits us?” Dee asked as he smirked looking at Jayden who shook his head.

“You’re f***ing insane.” He muttered earning a loud laugh from Diesel. They both relaxed moving to walk out on to the street, only to bump into a bunch of women. Diesel smiled apologetically before he recognized a brunette. It was the hen party from the evening before. He opened his mouth to warn Jayden before something sharp was slammed into his stomach. He looked down seeing the knife as she withdrew it. A smirk on her face as she pushed it into him again.

“Gryffin sends his regards. Your service is no longer required.” She whispered as his face paled. Jayden frowned, seeing Diesel’s face as he moved to step to him.

“We said no last night. You women just can’t give in.” Jayden joked before a blow landed to his jaw. The issue with being raised to respect and to never lay a finger on a woman is that when they attack, neither reacted. They both received blow after blow, only shielding their heads as they stepped away trying to dodge the group. Diesel received more injuries, knifes puncturing him from almost every angle. He had to get Jayden out of here before he to got stabbed. He grabbed his arm, taking off running as he began to cough and sputter, blood in his mouth.

It was half a mile before the adrenaline wore off, Diesel falling to his knees as he coughed, blood splattering on the floor. Jayden finally had a decent look at Dee, seeing the stab wounds on his shirt. He began to panic trying to stop the bleeding as he called for an ambulance. To hell with the risk, Diesel needed a hospital. Now. Dee’s vision blurred as he gripped Jayden’s arm, one palm flat on the ground as he coughed once again. Then the world tilted, and he fell to the floor, unconscious.
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