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Ayeee steal my bike and I'll steal your life (;
Mood: amused
1  16 hours ago

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Yes you were made for me babe. In every bad and sexy way. I'm glad you'll be carrying a piece of me everywhere you go. ❤
May 4th 2021 23:39

I got a little something for you babe. Thank you so much for being my best friend, my boyfriend, now my husband and my soulmate. ❤
May 3rd 2021 17:55

Awwww babe you shouldn't have!! I love them so much!
May 1st 2021 19:19

I love being yours. ❤️
Apr 13th 2021 15:26

I mean.. who could complain about that?! And yes I did. ❤️ Maybe a little.
Apr 10th 2021 15:02

You’re the reason we never actually watch anything! Lol you just can’t keep your hands to yourself! ❤️
Apr 10th 2021 13:08

It certainly made quite the impression on me. ❤️
Apr 7th 2021 21:49

You so knew that! Lol. And I’m glad babe. :) Enjoy.
Apr 7th 2021 21:43

It’s for you silly. :p
Apr 7th 2021 21:32

Apr 7th 2021 19:26