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18 / Female / Single
Taylorsville , Georgia - United States
Hey just message me I'm on when I can be work has me busy between times of 8am-2pm but I'll try to be on every day.

Latest Questions

Sans asked the question
Q. whats your favorite villain:Buu,Cell Or Frieza?
A. Frieza
 Nov 8th 2017 12:25

Sans asked the question
Q. Frieza,Cell Or Buu?
A. huh what??
 Nov 8th 2017 12:05

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Make a DBZ RP?
Dec 7th 2017 15:49

Apr 15th 2017 19:31

Hellloooooo and thanks for accepting my friend request! I hope we get along well!
Apr 8th 2017 12:51

Oh sh*t I'm so sorry I thought I replied
Apr 2nd 2017 22:19

Haha you gonna reply to our roleplay btw girl
Apr 2nd 2017 21:43

Apr 2nd 2017 20:30

Mar 16th 2017 17:26

You are 15 years old. You have several more years ahead of you. You can't let one break up ruin your life.
Mar 8th 2017 18:52

okay xx
Nov 19th 2016 15:03

I messaged you. I hope thats okay? xx
Nov 19th 2016 14:55