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Cyber_Freak's Blog

Project: Khora

Codename: Khora
Height: 5"10
Personality: Lustful
Aspects: Needy, Demanding, perverted,
Role: Switch with dom lean
occupation: None
Features: Many lewd attachments, Persuasion aura, Stealth, Phantom limbs

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3 | 0 Comments | May 26th 2023 00:26


Codename: Redacted
Height: 7" when standing straight, rarely does
Personality: Shy/paranoid
Aspects: Untrusting, Redacted, Dangerous, Scary
Role: Dom
occupation: Redacted
Features: Sharp claws, Speed, agility, multiple ways to extract fluids, Near human level interactions

WARNING: Proceed with caution and report if seen to local police
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Project: Juniper

Codename : Juniper
Height: 6"
Personality: Cheeky
Aspects: Cheery, Smartass, Likes to tease
Role: Switch
occupation: Hacker and data specialist
Features: Removable head, Tail for balance and data breaching and fluid extraction,
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Project: Asper

Codename : Asper
Height: 6"5
Personality: Motherly
Aspects: Caring, Sweet, Protective
Role: Soft Dom
occupation: Medical Ward chief
Features: Emotion sensors, Healing capabilities, Nimble
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