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(Fwuse <3)
22 / Male / Single and Looking
My Masters House, Korea (South)
Hewwo! My name is F-fwuse! Your personal Neko Maid~!

I have a wot of features within my awi~! I-i can clwean your house, Or I could mwake your bed~! I..I can also twake care of some owther things if master wants me too..But I-i'm all yours! Mwaybe you could be my future mwaster if you'd like, I-i'm only accepting one though..d-dwont be a meanie if I don't like you! b-but anyways, thank you for visiting my pwofile! <3

Latest Status

Already encountered my first pervert for the day..Gweez..
Mood: sleepy
2  Sep 16th 2020 15:39

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I think your super cute and wanted to ask if you wanted to be my boyfriend
21 hours ago