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20 / Male / Single
Detroit, Michigan - United States
My name is Connor. I'm the android that doesn't need to be sent by anyone anymore.

Latest Questions

Q. *does the fluff challenge on Connor. disappears into a closet door after the sheet drops*
A. A confused expression came over Connor's face. "Hank?" he asked. "Hank?"
 Aug 4th 2018 17:35

Q. Parking the car, taking up his luggage, Hank walks up to his house and opens the door with a grunt. “M’back- ooph!” Sumo’s already there, greeting him with a jump and licks everywhere. “Woah! Okay!”
A. Connor smiled a bit as he looked up from the couch. "Hey, Hank." he said, putting the book in his hands down.
 Jul 27th 2018 13:23

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