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(Aroi Haenon)
23 / Female / Single
United States
I have seen many things in my short life in the criminal underworld, and I have been called many things (some less flattering than others).

The Highwayman of Redwall Pass.
The Cutpurse of Irzogh Qil.
The Bandit of Aether Grove.
The Duke's Bane.

For the past thirteen years, I have served the Thieves Guild the best I could. Stealing from the rich, taking for ourselves. Recruiting from the desolate and downtrodden. Going as far as stealing from warlords and even ancient and terrible gods themselves.

But I know something is coming up. One last big score, one that would set me up for life. So that I could live like a queen until the day I die, and probably even a little after that...

But then again, stealing is half the fun.

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