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Plot Idea: Damsel In Distress (Romance, Fantasy)

For many years, humanity was forced to fend for themselves without divine intervention. However, one day angels were sent to Earth to bring peace to the nations. Unfortunately, the angel sent to the United States (MC) and was forced to use her divine powers to fix issues. As all the other angels are left after their work, she was left behind and suddenly the United States took the most power. She looks into the future, and can give blessings to others. She also has some control over the flow of the world.

YC is a scientist hired to look at the angel, forced to become friends with the angel to get more information from her. They begin to befriend the angel, and over time the angel does begin to trust YC. However, the scientist begins to see the angel is kind and wants nothing more to help. Since she has been trapped, the scientists helps her escape and then goes on a trip to take her to Heaven's Gate to go home. YC finds more along the way, and so does the angel.

-Roles can be switched
-Can change the genre
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Character Reference: Hewin Bell

Name: Hewin Bell
Age: 18~24
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
For the plot: Dearest Traveler


Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Clothing Style: Wears men clothing for nobles as most other nobles do. He never strays from this when he has the option to wear these clothes.


Personality: He is good natured, and strong-willed. He is very loyal and a stickler for the traditions of a noble. He likes to help others and is kind. He is a gentleman who does his best to only show the best of himself.
Likes: Swordplay, reading, and dogs
Dislikes: People being hurt, the ocean, and being scolded
Background: Hewin is the son of Edwin Bell, a Duke in the kingdom of Elemis and the heir to the title. He has two younger brother, a younger sister, and a mother, all who he cares for a lot. He has been friends with the only prince since they were both children, and so they are close friends. He has been instilled with the value of a noble and would do anything to help his country.

Talents: Swordsmanship and studying
Hobbies: Reading, writing, exploring nature, and painting


Magic Abilities: He has a slight ability in magic, but he is not a full-fledged mage. He can create light as well as some wind magic, but not more than beginner spells.
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Character Reference: Alima

Name: Alima
Age: 18~22
Gender: Female
Species: Blessed One
Sexuality: Pansexual
For the plot: Dearest Traveler


Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Gold
Clothing Style: Wears men clothing and many layers. This includes dress shirts, pants, and vests, and will sometimes wear a frilly top. Never wears dress/skirts because she can't afford them and doesn't like them.
Extras: Has two moles under one eye and sometimes has stars on her hair


Personality: Alima is stand-offish and stubborn, as well as brash. Even though her kind is known for their kindness and gentle nature, she does not fit those at all. She lies, steals, and will cheat anyone out of anything she can, but she's not all bad. When she finds someone she cares for, she devotes herself fully to them. She also likes to joke around with her friends and help them in their times of need.
Likes: Money, nature. and fancy fireplaces
Dislikes: The Empire, dresses, and nobles (mostly the royal family)
Background: The Blessed Ones were a race that were known for their gentle and neutral nature. They would lead other nations on quests and give gifts to those who helped them. However, they were wiped out, and Alima only survived by hiding under the corpses of her family and holding on to life after being sliced open by the Empire's soldiers. She fled to the land of Elemis after healing and tried to find work. That is when she discovered she had a talent to stealing and so she turned to a life of crime to stay alive.

Talents: Thieving and bargaining
Hobbies: None


Blessing system: Blessed ones are being loved by God more than any other being. The god of Luri, Leminaous, blessed his mortal lover and gave her a child. After this, her and the baby's decedents have been loved by him. They have a affinity for healing magic as well as good luck. Their biggest strength, however, is the ability they have to avoid danger. When a blessed being is threatened, stars form on their scalp and shoot off, awaking a dormant strength that can even be a threat to a large beast.
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Character Reference: Eden

Name: Eden Mills
Age: 18~24
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual


Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Grayish Brown
Clothing Style: Likes frills matched with more vintage clothing. She wears ribbons a lot, along with headpieces.
Extras: None


Personality: Eden is really shy, as well as very sensitive. She can be considered a crybaby, since she tends to cry whenever she gets too emotional. When meeting new people, she tends to be more quiet while she get is starting comfortable to people. As time goes on, she gets more comfortable and tends to be a bit sarcastic.
Likes: Warm colors, corgis, and romance books
Dislikes: Horror books, necklaces, and heels
Background: Eden grew up with a family of four, with her parents and her little brother. At the age of five, she began to show signs of her seer powers. After she began to display them, her family moved to a small town and began a new life. She lived in that tiny town until she was old enough to move out, where she went to an all girls college.

Talents: Drawing
Hobbies: Reading books and gardening


Seer Abilities: She can draw scenes that happen in the future. When drawing, she will sometimes enter a trance and draw a scene. Then, that scene will end up happening, not matter what. She normally draws big events, but sometimes she will draw her own future.
Lifestyle: She likes to draw a lot, so she tends to have visions a bit. Other than the move, her powers don't play a big role in her life.
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Plot Idea: Guarded Gates (Supernatural/Phycologica

Everyone has a guardian angel of some sorts, but YC feels more protected than most. They've almost died many times, and were saved in cases that should be considered miracles. However, everything comes at a price, even devine protection. Humans are only allowed seven miracles in their lifetime before they reach their limit, and those that go over must pay for that extra miracle in full.Their guardian angel (MC) reveals themselves and states that if they don't want their miracles to be taken away and them die, YC has to battle in a intense game between angels and their protected.

There are twelve pairs of fighters, and only one person can live to keep their miracles. There are ten challenges meant to slowly whittle down the contestants, each testing a new skill of the human mind. Fight against others in tests of strength, wit, and strategy to avoid the death flag for YC.

- We can spilt the other contestants as characters or I can make it feels more like a puzzle game for you, whichever!
-Roles can be swapped
-Can add romance with another contestant if that is wanted
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