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22 / Female / Single
Lesbian Town, United States

I might quit here soon, I haven't had much luck on this site, but I'll try again. I am looking for fxf romance roleplays, any random roleplay really, hopefully you find all my girls waifu material. I'm literate and usually write one paragraph. A paragraph is 5 to 8 sentences. And if you have a plot you wanna do and want me to make a new character to fit that plot I will. I won't be bullied into doing your specific fetish, or writing a whole novel just cause you want it. I'm not a pushover.

I like most genres, just ask. I don't like these genres though: highschool, family and parenting, gore/horror, military or political. Other than that I'm up for lots of plots. I am okay with themes for adults yknow, but I require a plot. My characters are subs or switches. Not doms. I am not okay with fxta, Gender benders, c-boys, sissies, femboys, tiny people, furries, cis men, ect just regular females only.

As for an k!nks and stuff I'm not really into anything odd. Just vanilla stuff. I don't like anything [email protected], or bathroom stuff, ect. Basically just stick to what is typically considered normal. But, I don't mind bondage or mistress play, but that's about it for 'kinks'

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Seriously. Reply to me today without being horny, pushy and rude, or illiterate or I might just quit here
0  Jun 30th 2022 10:42

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