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(Joseph Anthony Perry)
30 / Male / Broken Hearted
Boston, Massachusetts - United States
★☆Joseph Anthony Perry ☆★

★ Better known as "Joe"... call me Joseph and get a death stare. Only my mom is granted permission to call me that.

★ Thirty years old nearing thirty one, but feels like forty. Born on September 10th, 1988

★ I probably have a better body than your last boyfriend.

★ Single father to a son who means the world to me.

★ Bisexual with a female preference. My romantic interest in men is rather lacking. One day I plan on settling down and marrying, but not now.

★ Hopeless romantic on the verge of giving up. Broken hearted. Persistently seeks for 'the one'.

★ Passive aggressive individual who usually keeps my perverted thoughts to myself. I swear, I usually hate one night stands. For now, I'm keeping my d*ck to myself.

★ Survivor of domestic abuse, and it's not the public's business. The b*tch is where she belongs.

★ Guitar god who plays hard rock, blues, metal, acoustic, anything in between. Keep the riffs and shreds coming, and let the music do the talking because I can't sing worth a sh*t. Fvck your pop music, let's keep the sound of classic rock alive in the modern world. I collect guitars and equipment. Gimme all the guitars in the world and I'll be happy.

★ A rockstar in my own band reaching stardom.

★ Truly, being a celebrity is really not all that exciting even with all of the money there's an empty hole in my happiness.

★ Lifetime goal: perform with Buckethead.

★ Note to self: never leave home without some pants on. Seeing me in shorts is like a Big Foot sighting.

★ PS. I'm not yours, or anybody's 'daddy'.

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[ Yes this character is based off a real person. He's Joe Perry of Aerosmith but much different and is in his thirties in the present-day world in a non-Aerosmith alternate universe. I changed quite a few things about him for writing purposes to make it interesting and believe I have changed enough to make him my own character before anyone bashes me for being "uncreative". Using him is just all personal fun for me. Whether he is multiship or single ship is still to be decided by me. So if you take connections seriously I'm not for you but if a very decent muse that clicks with him comes along and sticks, I may single ship him.]


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Well hi... you're either here cause maybe you're interested or curious, or you saw I was stalking you out of curiosity or interest.

I can tell if your friend request was random. I'm not stupid. You're either a liner, para, illiterate or something else that does not suit my guidelines. Try and add me again and I'll block you. End of story. It was your choice not to read my rules.

Letting you know now, I do not accept anyone under eighteen and my interest in er*t*ca is rather lacking. Though I do banter in character, I usually do not do smut. If that's all you are looking for, leave.

Do not approach me in character. I just find it weird and a bit uncomfortable.

I do very little supernatural and no fantasy, furries, wrestling or anime. I'm sorry but I prefer realism in most of my roleplays and I do not plot my character with anything that is not 100% human. For the love of god don't send me anime FCs.

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MeWe | Joe Anthony Rocco
Discord | rockstarcrossing#6201 (I'm very much willing to use Discord for OOC chat so we don't clutter up our inboxes.)
Skype | Rockstarcrossing

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Q. Do you think we'd work out if we gave it another chance? Be honest.
A. "To be honest it's kind of hard to tell, but my answer leads more towards yes."
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I can make a discord!
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ofcourse pm me or we can talk on kik!!
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Let’s do a Roleplay.
Jul 19th 2019 06:25

Stop being a weenie and love me damn it.:'(
Jun 11th 2019 18:38

[ You are so welcome! ]
Jun 4th 2019 17:10