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"Seth Aiken" - The writer


Full Name: Seth Aiken
Nickname: Sethy
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 2nd
Currently living in: In a studio apartment
Species/Race: Human
Blood Type: B+
Occupation: Freelance writer/Part-time job at a sugar shop
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Freshly single
Status: Alive


Height: 6 feet 1 inch ~ 185 cm
Skin color: Porcelain
Hair style: Bed head
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Ice blue
Distinguishing Features: Long eyelashes, tattoos on his arms and body
Preferred Clothing: Comfortable, dark colored casual clothes, most of the times turtle neck shirts
Accessories: Ear piercings and bracelets/sometimes watches


General health: Has an average immune system, but on winter he gets sick easier
Posture: Could be better
Any physical illnesses?: GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)
Any mental illnesses?: Anxiety
Take drugs?: No
Smoke?: Nope

Mental/Emotional State

Mental age: 18-22
Act before thinking/Think before acting?: Mostly act before thinking


Way of speaking: Slow, uses his hands a lot while talking
Common conversation starter: "Is something wrong?"
Swears?: Yes
Made-up words?: Sometimes
Made-up language?: Nope


Likes: Novels, writing, cold weather, taking walks, dogs, hot drinks, drawing
Dislikes: Sodas, darkness, loud noises, writer's block

Reading books/novels, designing/drawing his characters' from his books

Writing short stories to get his brain work for larger projects, biting his nails

He doesn't really has any secrets, he just doesn't share about himself to strangers, only to people who are close to him

Darkness, completely burning out from writing

One of his books becomes a bestseller, proving his parents that he can achieve his dream


Food: Cheese pasta with bacon
Color: Lilac
Animal: Dogs
Number: 12
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Fall
Time of day: Late afternoon
Genre of music: Alternative rock, lo-fi
Genre of literature: Romance, fantasy
Genre of shows: Drama
Genre of movies: Thriller

Seth had a rather normal childhood and life at his parents' home before moving out due a misunderstanding with his parents. They didn't really like the idea that Seth wanted to be a writer since it didn't guaranteed that he will be ever successful or earn money from it but their son wanted to prove them wrong. Right now Seth is living alone with his dog.

Seth is a rather quiet person but once he warms up to someone, he can't stop sharing his ideas to them or just overall wants to talk with them. By apperance he seems cold yet he is a very sweet person, always making sure that his pet, friends or family are alright. Seth is always full of ideas, so he likes to express them by writing or drawing them.


Family: He keeps contact with his family, he is closer to his siblings than his parents
Love interest: Not long ago he broke up with his previous boyfriend, so there isn't anyone he is interested in right now
Friends: He got a small group of friend which is enough for him, almost everyday he sees them

"Could you keep that one light on, please? I got unpleasant memories by being in full darkness..."
"Would it be a bad idea to add this, wouldn't it? OR should I try to build this in the story?"
"Oh god, I heard many kids crying today because their parents didn't buy more candies to them... I want silence in the rest of the day, so shut up."

-His older brothers used to scare him a lot in the dark, so his fear from being in the darkness comes from it.
-He adopted a mix breed dog from a shelter after his break-up with his previous partner.
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