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22 / Male / Single

Welcome here.

My rules thingy:

1.) First of all, my native language isn't English. So, I am really apologizing if I have grammar mistakes. (I also have dyslexia and dysgraphia)

2.) Please understand if I won't respond or my replies will be short. Or just simply disappear for a while as I have this habit of mine. But I'll try my best to keep being here!

3.) In terms of romance genre, I do MxM and rarely MxF roleplays but non-binaries are welcome here as well (love you people). I love slow burn romances, so there won't be an immediate falling in love for some of my characters. My characters can be tops, switches or bottoms!

4.) My roleplay respond length is quite flexible but if gets a bit shorter, it means either I'm busy or I have a little writer's block. Also, I prefer third-person.

5.) For triggers, if there's something else making me uneasy, I will let you know immediately. Also, I respect if you have triggers!

6.) I will only do mature genre if you are 18+! All of my characters are 18+

7.) No, I won't give out any of my socials just only if I like you enough

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