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Crion's Blog

The informant

Gabe Reeve
Age: 16
Height: 5'7

Gabe was always excellent with technology and has always exceeded at hacking and gathering information. He was pulled out of school before he could graduate college at the age of 6 and was flung into the deep web. He learned quickly about basic human desires and how to use people weaknesses to his advantage. He honestly doesn't care about any one in his family except for Alice. He does everything he can to help her because she acts loving and caring towards him and he cant see that she is using him just like every one. He hates Gilli because he can't affect him easily as almost everything he does requires that physical element.

Theme song:
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The Brawler

Rachel Reeve
Age: 29
Heught: 6'0

Rachel loves to fight but she gets bored easily as most can not keep up with her. She uses Gilli as a punching bag when he is available to "toughen him up". He has been held by her for house and beaten to the point of needing to be out in a hospital. She is very direct and crude. She doesn't like people trying to mess with her and all she really wants is a good old fashion fight to the death.

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The Spy

Alice Reeve
Age: 26
Heught: 5'7

Family: 3 brothers, 1 sister and her mother.

Alice is a sweet and charming person on the outside and to those who she has a use for. She is really a very cold and manipulative person to get things she desires. She loves to trick people and make them kill themselves. After all her family is built on murder and blood. She doesn't care much about any of her family members except for on occasion she cares for Gilli. It's exceedingly rare though and it's only when he comes back covered in blood because a mission went wrong and he had to get personal. He is usually very quiet and submissive after that so she can do anything thing she wants which she adores. She can charm almost any one a fit to be their desires but it's only to emotionally destroy them and leave them hanging by a noose that they made.

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Gilli's Eldest brother.

Uther Reeve

Uther is vindictive and loves murdering people. Much like the rest of his family. He gets off on blood and death he doesn't care who he kills and routinely tries to kill the rest of his family. He is messed up to the point that calling him anything but a psychopath would be an insult. He LOVES Torture and pain and loves to break people down to their basic most instincts but if people break to easily he will kill them just out of boredom.

Theme song:
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Small sniper

Gilli Reeve

Height: 5'3
Theme song:
Everybody gets high - Missio

Gilli was raised to be an elite sniper. He started drinking at the age of four and was doing hard drugs by the age of 8. He had been barely able do much other then kill and follow his mothers orders to murder and take drugs that made him better at it. He drinks to numb the pain he feels and does drugs to help himself to ensure that he wouldn't be driven insane.
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