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Crion's Blog

The Enchanter

Age: 21 or 2000
Height: 6'0
Name: Yukino Minikoto or Tyia Kata

Yukino was a normal person who honestly was maybe a little to curious and too selfless. He ended up throwing himself in the way of what looked like a fire ball to save one of his fellow explorers. He doesn't remember a whole lot after that. He could easily be considered evil but he isn't evil when he is in his not possessed form, he is a bit eccentric and dominant but his possessed form when Tyia Kata is in control is very dominant and wants to control the world. He possesses magic beyond the realms of humans and can turn anything to his will it just takes time.
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Leo Lexiyn

Age: 126
Height: 5'7

Leo had been quick on the uptake of magic. Hell, he was the best with magic among the elves and yet he was bored, isolated and cast out. He didn’t know that he had been trapped away from the others as his shop had been locked away with sealing magic. It was an ancient spell, but it was due to his birth that he was locked away. He was born on a crimson star, it was shown that when he grew up, he would bring great sorrow and struggle to the elves, or at least that is what the seer thought they say when they investigated his future. Leo had not been paying attention as meals and the sounds around him sounded normal not realizing as the years passed him by not aging him and things constantly changing. His workshop was untouched by the ravages of time and neither was he. Slowly while in his workshop he learned how to enchant items. He gradually figured out the original magic language and even was able to make enchantments that would make people into immortal beings the powers and abilities that his enchantments gained where strong enough to rival gods but he was locked away unable to escape from his prison simply because he was unaware of it. Recently depression has set in on him and it shows through the forest which he once resided for the last 10 years the forest has been home to dark creatures drawn to a powerful mana that seems to be getting stronger and stronger.
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The Mother

Marie Reeve
Height: 6'1

Marie is the boss of her children and the Reeve organization. It's an organization that is stained with blood, death, drugs and crime. Marie has always been out for herself and through every relationship she ever had she manipulated man into impregnating her so that she could have children that will be good for what she wanted them for all of them where what she wanted except for one, Gilli. Unlike his father who was a cold killer who had eagle eyes Gilli had been a gentle child so she decided to try drugs and alcohol to make him what she wanted and it worked. He became her reaper, while the other siblings had been playing the role that she always wanted she was focused on herself abusing and making her kids into all she had ever wanted.
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The informant

Gabe Reeve
Age: 16
Height: 5'7

Gabe was always excellent with technology and has always exceeded at hacking and gathering information. He was pulled out of school before he could graduate college at the age of 6 and was flung into the deep web. He learned quickly about basic human desires and how to use people weaknesses to his advantage. He honestly doesn't care about any one in his family except for Alice. He does everything he can to help her because she acts loving and caring towards him and he cant see that she is using him just like every one. He hates Gilli because he can't affect him easily as almost everything he does requires that physical element.

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The Brawler

Rachel Reeve
Age: 29
Heught: 6'0

Rachel loves to fight but she gets bored easily as most can not keep up with her. She uses Gilli as a punching bag when he is available to "toughen him up". He has been held by her for house and beaten to the point of needing to be out in a hospital. She is very direct and crude. She doesn't like people trying to mess with her and all she really wants is a good old fashion fight to the death.

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