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(Jacob May)
21 / Male / Single
United States
Hey I am not new here but my old account died. So I am starting fresh. Please add me if you want to roleplay I'll do almost every thing just ask what If you want to know something, although romance is a must!! Please don't send me a message where you fake stutter through text unless it's for a roleplay and please for the love of god no one liners. Oh and keep roleplay action in roleplays not out side of them.

1. Don't control my character.
2. No one liners or anything less then 3 lines. It sucks forcing a roleplay and I won't do it.
3. If we role play be patient.
4. You must be able to come up with ideas too.
5. If I come up with the idea you should be able to make a starter. If you make the idea I can come up with a starter.
6. I may give you a response you don't like. Please tell me and I will most likely redo it.
7. If I don't reply in three days message me, I probably got distracted.
8. Have some manners.
9. Once you read the rules, message me your favorite animal, if you don't have a favorite animal just tell me.
10. NO TEXT TALK. Please it's annoying
11. I won't roleplay as a cannon character.
12. If you don't reply with in 5 days. Our roleplay is dead. Unfortuately I will have lost interest completely.
13. I won't carry a roleplay by myself add stuff to help me. be interesting.
14. If we have tried 6 times to get a roleplay to last and they fail we will not continue.
15. What you give me I will give you.
16. Choose a character from my blog if you want to roleplay. I can play as any of them but if you are new rank 2 are locked for you.
17. I am not always gonna be in a dom mood. If I am not please step off you aren't going to change it. If you ask alot I will gladly throw you into the abyss.

@Demonicdeer -for being my friend for 3 different accounts and for over a year you are being put on here as you are always amazing and make me so happy. You are part of the reason I am still on this site at all.

@SilverMuse - For making it through 2 profiles and so many roleplay. I love talking to you and I am happy you like my characters and my blog. You are truly amazing and I am happy I met you.

@starlady - she is amazing and one if my personal favorites to roleplay with. She is incredible on so many levels that I can't explain.

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I want a distraction lawd help me.
2  May 12th 2019 01:22

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MonaRose asked the question
Q. Whaaaat?
A. Never mind I found it. Mayboy #1919
 Jan 11th 2019 00:35

MonaRose asked the question
Q. Btw question! Do you have discord and can we go back to rp we have 3 month of catching up to do
A. Yes I do a mb d I have no idea what it is.
 Jan 11th 2019 00:29

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Hello ❤️
Feb 6th 2019 01:24

Eyyyy friendly reminder you're hella cool and I'm glad we met friendo cx
Oct 13th 2018 03:02

Sorry for the late reply... I wanted to get it as good as I could.
Oct 12th 2018 03:39

Aug 20th 2018 23:45

Aug 14th 2018 19:03