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(Caspar Caligula)
26 / Other / Single
Portland, Oregon - United States
I'm a distraught, genderless void piecing myself together through the art of storytelling. Considered a dear friend of the forest and the fairy tales that unfold within the shadows. Don't be intimidated by me as I'm much too uncertain of myself and the my place within the world.

I love any form of storytelling that focuses on the strange faults of human nature and try my best to reflect that with flawed and sometimes detestable characters whom are apt to make selfish decisions at the cost of themselves or their loved ones. Whether they are good or bad is very much up to the perspective of those who interact. As in life most morality is subjective. I do, however, have very strong convictions and there are certain lines I will not cross.

I prefer original works for my roleplays but am willing to indulge in a multitude of fandoms including: Phantom of the Opera, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Wuthering Heights, Twin Peaks, Rule of Rose (a rarity I know), Teen Titans (circa 2003), among other things that you may have to message me about.

There are certain subjects or tropes that I refuse to approach in roleplays, such as romanticizing of sexual violence and/or romanticizing of oppressive groups or figures. Though, I do know that certain darker topics can make for an interesting subject for stories there is a definite difference between writing about it as a statement or as a tool for developing a character/story and simply playing out your fantasies.

That being said, I am not here to judge anyone and I'm very open. All one must do is simply communicate with me.

If any of this sounds appealing, feel free to add me or message me.

Profile will probably be forever under construction as my tastes and personality seem to shift constantly. Will be adding characters to my blog in the future: