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(Nick Bateman)
29 / Male / Single
Nick Bateman—

A charming, loving and handsome man at sight. But dont let that fool you as he has some secrets he has to reveal.

Nick grew up with his mother and father at the age of 10. They lived inside a small house his father build for them. Outside of the main rich city.

Nick was young when he had to see his mother pass away at the age of 12. Due to sickness and lack of money there was no way she could have been cured. His father became depressed and emotional by this and decided to left Nick alone. His father was searching desperatly for work in the illegal business. Right on this day. He still remained missing...

Until then Nick grew up with his friend that has been in the sh*t also. The only thing he could make him happy was him and no one else. In order to live for himself. Nick came to a little supermarket to steal a bar of snickers everyday. He decided to use that energy to train and become stronger.

Now at the age of 28 Nick has raised money for himself and became famous as an “Instagram Model” no one knows how...

Skin: Tanned
Hair: Mid-length, Brown, Blonde
Eyes: Brown, shining pupils
Height: Tall
Weight: Around fitness class levels
Build: Muscular

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I'm Elora. How can I help you?
Oct 3rd 2019 07:19

OMG! You have been a member since my birthday! What a funning thing that is and thank you for adding me!
Sep 13th 2019 15:07

You there..?
Aug 12th 2019 21:39

Thank you for the add. :)
Jul 21st 2019 10:23

Hey, can't wait to roleplay with you!
Jul 16th 2019 15:45

Bailey couldn't help but smile after making a silly face at him. "Hey hun! I saw you accepted my request not long ago! Shoot me a message, I'll be down to have a conversation or roleplay. I don't bite, I promise for most part."
Jul 8th 2018 01:46

Hola thank you so much for adding the name is Isabella but you can call me Bella, Bell, Bells or whatever you like. I hope that we will become really great friends. Hmu if you want to chat/ role-play sometimes.
Apr 4th 2018 15:55