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19 / Male / Single
United States
"Why not get c*cky? You're playing right into our hands. The second you lost the initiative signaled your defeat. You've got the top hero-training academy, U.A., and the Symbol of Peace, All Might... the two most trusted foundations of our hero-based society. But now one mess after another is shaking that trust... don't you think that loss of faith will spread like wildfire throughout society? Think about it... how your careless administration keeps allowing attack after attack... you're so weak... you couldn't even stop a criminal organization from abducting your students."

I’ll be roleplaying as Dabi since there's already a bunch of heroes. Let's change things up a bit.

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// I'm having this Dabi part of the Todoroki family as the lost older brother even if it's not said if he is or not.
2  Jan 19th 2019 03:05

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