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22 / Male / In Love
United States

I am here to mainly roleplay. I don’t mind making friends, but just know that this is a roleplaying site, so I assume most people add me to roleplay. If you add me and don’t want to roleplay, make sure to say so before hand!

Now with that out of the way, let’s move on, shall we? I always like when people add me with plots in mind, even if they’re just small ideas—they can grow into something big. I usually always have plots in mind and will share them with you if you ask. Most of my plots involve supernatural or romance themes. I also enjoy a bit of action and comedy, and most of my characters are more anime than realistic. I almost never use real life face claims.

I will do both OCs and Canon characters, so don’t be afraid to ask. I will have a blog post with all the fandoms I enjoy. As for my rules, they are really simple: be nice, have fun with the roleplay, and don’t leave me hanging for more than a week! Sometimes roleplays don’t go according to plan or get dull. Tell me if you want to start a new one or make things more interesting rather than leaving me on read for a month, please?

I work and study so please don’t expect me to reply instantly most of the time. I reply as fast as my schedule lets me!

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would you like to rp?
Feb 15th 2020 09:18