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Black Butler-- Kaia Phantomhive-- Under Constructi

Older then Ciel and his twin brother by two years, she too was captured when they were. She had been horrible tortured and she was the first soul that Sebastian answered that was crying for help. Her dying wish was that he help her surviving brother to survive this ordeal after her other brother had been sacrificed in an occult ritual. "Why should I help such a small child?" he asked. He could sense that despite her weak body, her soul was a rare one. A truly powerful one he could live off of and syphon from for centuries if he could bind her to him. "Because if you help him, you can have my soul.. I know he calls for you. Please.. take my soul instead and grant his wishes." So Sebastian made her a deal. If she was to give her soul to him for all eternity and become his bride, he would heed the call of her brother and keep her alive and by her brothers side until his contract was up. She agreed. And so her mark was not in her eye, but over her heart. Sebastian then answered Ciel's call, and without knowing that his sister gave her soul to the demon, he made a deal himself.. not only to save his life and that of his sisters.. but to inact revenge. This created a new contract. So Sebastian wouldn't only have Kaia's, but Ciels as well. Ciels soul would be devoured upon completion, and Kaia would remain by his side in the world of demons for centuries.

Kaia can also be played opposite human characters after her 'death'. She would be available to take up a 'mantel' as the demon who became Sebastian did. Serving a master as, instead of a butler, a maid with certain demonic duties. She would receive these contracts not to feed herself as she only has demonic powers that were connected through her Sebastian but to take their souls to him instead so he may continue to feed on others as well as herself.
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OOC- Other Characters and Such. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Don't you worry, boys and girls. With 18+ years roleplaying experience, you don't think Liddia Spiegel and Rin are my only characters, do you?

I will admit to you though that I rarely, and I do mean rarely, play anything other then my own creations. This being said, us who play our own creations do have to change a few details in the original story to make sure our characters fit but occasionally I do play a character from whatever anime I seem to be interested. Listed below are some of the characters I will add Blog post profiles about that I will play and keep checking back because as I remember them, the list will grow.

Coming soon: Harry Potter, Marauders, Vampiric, Futuristic, List goes on and on.


Yu Yu Hakusho:
Kia/ Kitsune Kia

Sailor Moon:
Dia Chiba/ Sailor War; Guardian of the Sailor Scouts
Michiru Kaioh/ Sailor Neptune

Cowboy Bebop:
Liddia Spiegel

Rurouni Kenshin:
Sai Sagara; Daughter of Souzou Sagara of the Sekihoutai

Cardcaptor Sakura:
Mika- Yue's Twin Sister, Creation of Clow and Ruler of the Stars

Dragon Ball Z:
Vularia of the planet Vegeta

Dita (Wanting to play with Zima)

Fruits Basket:
Tohru Honda
Linny Sohma

Outlaw Star:

Black Butler:
Kaia Phantomhive

Claudia, follower of Knives, Coworker of Legato-- Controls the "Gentlemen"

Vampire Knight:
Cora Kuran; Twin sister of Kaname Kuran

Kamisama Kiss:
Nanami Momozono


Gundam Seed:

Wolfs Rain:

Diabolik Lovers:

Say I Love You:
Mei Tachibana

Witch Hunter Robin:


Victoria Carstairs

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OOC Rules

While "Rules" seem a bit elitist, over the years I have come to realize that these are intensely necessary. Not only to draw a line again what I will and will not accept but also to hopefully and potentially, weed out those who I am uninterested in role playing with so no one wastes their time.

So, here we go.

1. I am not on every second of every day. I have a real life and that includes real life responsibilities. I rarely close out of sites that I use often so while it may show that I am "Online" this is not necessarily the case. When I know I have a storyline active, I do try and check for a new post to respond to a couple times a day but sometimes I am just not able to get on. I promise, however, not to disappear for weeks at a time without some form of communication.

2. As strict as it might seem, I am not here to discuss real life or to make life-long friends in the real world. I am here to escape said real world into a world of our own so I'm sorry if I don't go into the details of my life unless necessary.

3. I am not into the jealousy and drama that often accompanies role players nowadays. I will not stop playing a character with someone simply because I have a story going on with you and the same character. My story lines do not co-mingle so there should be no issue here. I don't take on millions of stories at a time regardless, so really whatever else I am playing or whoever else I am playing with is not anyone's concern but mine and my partners. Let's keep our business to us.

4. While I understand that asking for detail seems too much for many partners nowadays, if you can not give me a steady paragraph or more (we are talking 7 or more sentences with detail) then I am uninterested. I will meet or go above my players posts most often but I expect a little effort back. With that-- I understand that typos can occur. I often type too fast and proof-read too fast to capture all of my mistakes. But please make an attempt as I will.

5. I have been role playing for over eighteen years. I have role played many types, genres, characters-- some stories lasting years. I will not mess with you. If I am uninterested in the way our story is going, I will tell you. With either the intent to fix any issues we have, or simply to tell you that as fun as it might have been or we had hoped it would be, it is best if we part ways. Take it with class or don't but not doing so will not get you any further play with me in the future. We are adults-- I would hope-- so please understand that two people and two styles don't always match. I'll accept it if you tell me, please do me the same courtesy. I understand this seems a bit Elitist, but that is where we are.

6. I am not against a role play delving into romance or more "adult" situations but I am not here to "Cyber". I am here to work out stories, to build characters and relationships and worlds. So let's keep out of the mindless display of er*t*ca, shall we? As well, on the subject of stories and building worlds and relationships-- I expect not to do all the effort in a story and I would not expect you to either. These are co-op worlds. We should work together to make a story work. If you want to take lead-- be my guest-- but it doesn't mean I won't do my best to help flesh out the world and add my bit to it. Visa verse is asked as well.

7. When messaging me, please show some effort as well. I agree with many of the role players I have met over the years that "Hi, how are you" and "Yo, want to rp?" shows no effort and pulls no interest from me to respond. While I will respond if I get bored, your message is not my top priority to answer. Show me you have read my rules or my profile or have seen a character you are interested in playing with in my albums. Let me know you have some idea and aren't just asking to role play with the intent to leave everything up to me. I am not going to pull a random character out of a hat and just go with it so if you message me-- please have some idea what you are looking for, even if it is not something I am interested in. At least this way it shows that I can trust you put effort into a story like you do a message.

I can't stress enough that I am here to build stories, relationships, worlds. I am not here just to get to any dirty deeds. Should adult situations occur through the story, this is understandable, but they will occur naturally and not forced or make up the main plot of a storyline. 18+ roleplay only as I am not against dark, drawn out, dangerous storylines. I have control of my character, as you have control of yours-- so let's build these worlds together.

Other then that, check back here from time to time-- sometimes things occur to me once they happen and I have to add to the rules. However, these should be basic for now.
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Liddia Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

I was born on Ganymede in October of 2089. For the first 4 years of my life all I could remember was the Ocean. I could remember ships flying over head and leaving marks in the sky and I could remember boats on the open water, spraying mist into the air as they passed. But Ganymede, despite it's population of 8 billion, was hardly the place my parents wanted to raise me.

When I was five, before I started school, my parents moved to Mars. Back.. to Mars. Apparently they had lived their before. They had escaped some time ago but.. that was a time they never spoke about. While these places called the.. Syndicates.. were still at war, it had nothing to do with them anymore. At least, not for a while.

I was born with two different colored eyes. My dad had two different colored eyes-- it was told that one could see the past. But that one was fake. My eyes, due to the genetic modification of his, caused me to be born with one brown eye like my father, and one blue eye like my mother. I too.. can see the past through my brown eye. Memories, really.. but they seem to come through that one.

There's something you have to understand about the rest of my story.. my future is different from the one you might expect. This future.. My present.. has the capabilities of rare time-travel. Not everyone can do it and its still new and used purely experimentally. Until Vicious got ahold of it.

When I was sixteen years old, I came home from school to find my parents-- Spike and Julia Spiegel-- dead in their bedroom. In my mothers hand was a nanodrive. It was that very morning my mother told me that if I came home and they weren't there.. to be prepared. I didn't know what that would mean. In tears, I looked at the drive on my com device and there it was, the whole story. Years ago.. (during the events of the show) My father met his daughter from the future.. he rescued her from Vicious's grasp and took her on his adventures. He didn't know who I was at first and even when he found out-- he didn't fully believe it. But I had to know that that was okay because there were only certain things I could tell them to make sure history stayed the way it was meant to.

Eventually, my mother and my father would die.. but on that nano disc was the key. See, in my present, a person can be brought back to life so long as there is a single cell still living in their body. That cell can be replicated throughout the body and the body could be restored. A girl.. me.. had done this for my mother and father and they were able to escape. They were able to finally be together on Ganymede and have me. However, despite being told not to.. the doctor brought others back too. Vicious and his sidekick Lin. Vicious eventually took over the Blue Dragon Syndicate because there was a new leader of the Red Dragon.. the daughter of the man everyone had been waiting for to return. I, Liddia Spiegel.. and the one other person I had the doctor bring back to life. The man I loved, who kept me safe and guarded me when I was captured by Vicious.. Shin.

See, my parents had a plan.. they had set a trap that after the 3:00 time hit when I would return from school, only someone could enter the apartment.. not leave. They warned me on the Nanodrive that Vicious, the one revived.. was coming. He came for them and was coming back for me. They had hid away a device capable of a one-jolt burst of time travel. It was set for the past.. ((months before the show began)) and it was my only escape. So, while Vicious busted into my apartment, setting off a silent alarm for the ISSP to come get them, I broke the device open and was given a gateway I could pass through to the past.

On the other side, having brought nothing but my bag, space cycle and my precious cat Cagney with me.. Vicious was waiting for me. It seemed, the Vicious from my time knew what I was going to do and had gone back to warn himself.. and thats when I became captured by the only being to ever truly terrify me.. Vicious. It's where I fell in love with Shin. It's where I was used in their business until the day I was able to escape and my father rescued me, expecting to gain a bounty out capturing me. A bounty that I had planted myself. ((After the events of the show)) I was able to watch as my mother and father left the doctors office on their new lease of life. They didnt see me.. it was a good thing. I didn't see Vicious and Lin until many moons later when they had taken over the Blue Dragon and we went to war with them. But I was waiting right outside the doors when he came out.. my Shin. My second in command, and the man I love. ((Liddia Spiegel can be played right after she travels back in time and is captured, or she can be played after the events when she takes her Fathers place as the leader of the Red Dragon Syndicate.

Looking to play with either Vicious, Shin, Lin.. Customs are okay as well. But boo-koo points to a good Shin player.These is a pretty difficult storyline to follow, I know, but I can explain anything because really its just the history that is confusing, not the play itself. Looking for intense and detailed players. . Shin doesn't have to be the love interest but would like to finally meet someone playing Shin, the sweet and loyal twin brother. Hit me up and let me know!))
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Riley Corbett

Name: Riley Alexa Corbett
Age: 19-23
Profession: Space Mechanic
Father: Albert Corbett (Deceased)
Mother: Serene Corbett (Deceased)
Uncle: Jimmy Corbett
Physical Description: Dark hair, emerald green eyes, light skin that is sometimes tanned or stained in motor oil and grease.
Personality: Tomboy. Riley is a better mechanic then most men in the nearest two systems. She's got a feminine body but she's pretty standoffish and sarcastic. She doesn't take any crap from men and enjoys seeing them eat their words. But she doesn't associate well with girls so most of her friends are guys she's grown up or worked around.

Riley was raised without a mother. Her mother passed away when she was two so her father Albert was there to take care of her. Albert was one of the best space mechanics in the five systems of the galaxy. Having been hired out by military officials, aristicrats and more, he made a good living. Rileys mother was the daughter of one of these aristocrats and they fell in love and married despite her living in a social standing less then what she was used to.

Albert was always known for bringing Riley along in his job and she was a great helper. She learned the trick her father had at an early age. The ability to "listen" to what the machines were talking to you about so you could fix them properly. She was a prodigy.

One day a military space ship was attacked by space pirates and Albert managed to defend his daughter and send her, with a letter, in a small shuttle, to an outcast planet off to the ends of the solar system. Riley had to watch the ship her father was on blow up. She was eleven.

Her uncle owned a run down spaceship repair shop in one of the low towns on an outskirts planet. A dust bowl that had criminals and scum. He was one of them. Dirt bag of the dirtiest. He had a shop with plenty of mechanics that overcharged and didn't work their weight. Riley was passed most of the hardest atuff but no one gave her the credit. For the first few years she worked without much pay, earning her room and board with her uncle. He as a sleaze bag with a bad temper. The one man she had a problem standing up to. You would too if your youth was surrounded in neglect, beatings and you were insulted and talked down to. Puberty wad the worst when a planet full of men started to react to her.

In a system were most mechanics were male, finding a female was usually untrusted. So whenever someone would see she was a female, shed have to earn the work or lose it to someone who would charge more and not do nearly a good enough job. Even if she was the most commonly referred to mechanic by word of mouth. But Riley was a very misunderstanding name.

But she had a few friends. She had parts suppliers that made sure she got good deals, the tavern keep kept an eye on her as a personal favor to her father and a few more kind people. She vowed to one day get off that planet and away from her uncle.. it just never happened. But maybe one day.

After all.. She's a damn good mechanic.

Pictures available. Also has been played with a cybernetic arm.
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