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(Crazy Sex Doe)
24 / Male / Single
Thanks for visiting! Have a nice fun day!

Welcome to my profile my name's Doe and I'm always up to roleplay. I mostly write +18 stories with l*wd content so if you're a minor...sorry this account isn't for you.
For others, I'm sure we can plan something fun we'll both enjoy so don't be shy. I like both guys and girls and know how to write decently, from one-liners to multiple paragraphs, it's a cakewalk as I used to Roleplay all day on DA.

I honestly don't have any other rules or limits but please don't be a prick. I'm pretty sure I'll be rather active because having a stay at home job isn't very time-consuming and going outdoors freaks me out...yes I'm a Neet losing his time in sexual endeavors hehe.

Chill vibes ♪ Young and alive
@TheHoundess | She Owns me ×♡

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Ouch. My poor hip is hurting for some reason...that can't be good ~

3  14 hours ago

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Q. Correct! Are you happy with me, Pet?
A. Very very happy for sure~
 22 hours ago

RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Oh yes! I've been giving it a try
 Sep 16th 2020 14:20

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