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(juliann Kramer)
26 / Female / Single
California - United States
Im 22 years old college student.... If i dont answer it mean im either busy or dont have my phone in my hands... Yes i use my phone to be on here so bear with Me...

Usaully do pet/master or romance rps


1: im not here for anything but to rp... My real life will stay off this site unless i need to be off the site for a while..

2: DO NOT ... I repeat DO NOT CONTROL MY CHARACTERS... If you want my character to do somthing talk to me frist that will get you deleted

3: i WILL NOT go under tha age of 17... That is just gross in the real world and the rp world.

4: i would like a plot and a story line... I dont like to just jump into a rp.

5: if you send me a friend request you send me a message... If i send you a request i eill send you a message... IF I DONT GET A MESSAGE FROM YOU IN 2 DAYS I WILL DELETE YOU...

6: if we start a rp i would like the starter to be a little more then one line... 5-6 lines with detaile please and thank you

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If you are stuck I can't even start to help you if I don't know what's up.
Jul 17th 2020 17:53

Wanna rp??
Apr 28th 2020 12:45

Hi cutie
Dec 18th 2019 16:12