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18 / Female / Single
Missouri - United States
It's about time that I changed this about me page. The old one was pretty cringey, and I feel like it didn't do much justice for me as a writer on this website.

Anyways, I'm Alyssa, or whatever nickname you enjoy calling me. I've been on here for many years, I'm sure you can figure out the exact amount by doing some research on me, if you ever get curious. I haven't been on very much these days, but I'm hoping to make a comeback.

As far as roleplaying goes, I'm into a little bit of everything, as long as the plot is interesting enough. So don't be shy to tell me what you want! We can negotiate for something we'll both enjoy in the end. I typically enjoy more realistic/slice of life plots as well, so if that's something you're into, I'm right up your alley.

Please don't be afraid to send me a message if I'm making you wait on a roleplay. I'm either busy, suffering from writers block, or I've forgotten to do so, and I really feel guilty when I don't answer in a while.

If roleplaying isn't what you're into at the moment, I'm also up for conversation, though I'm awful at it. We might have a few common interests though! I like...

Please don't ask for any personal info, or attack me for not wanting to do something I'm uncomfortable with or uninterested in. I'm most certain the website is heavily enforcing this. I'm not afraid to fight back. :)

Well, that made me sound bitter. I promise I don't bite unless I have to!

Hope to get a message from you soon!

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Hey! I'm going to reply as soon as I get home :)
Dec 16th 2018 18:02

I love this! Im excited to see what happens.
Sep 3rd 2018 18:06