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CrashedKats's Blog

U h h h how abouts I put my main OC here-

Nickname: Savannah Schneider
Age: Around 20
Nationality: Mom's side was German, Father's was American, so she be kind mixed
Religion: Atheist
City of birth: Pittsburg
The current place for living: Depends on the rp
Mother tongue: Fluent in both English and German
Birthday: Sept. 25th
Species: F o x
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 104 lbs
Personality: Can seem kind of stuck-up or ignorant, but mostly just plain distant from everyone. She struggles with social interactions, so she just keeps out of them, preferring to just be by herself, however with friends it's completely different. She still is a bit awkward at times, but is rather funny, and never misses an opportunity to show affection(platonically).
Siblings: Doesn't have any
Hobbies: In general, she loves to run(She runs Track and Cross Country), and often goes on one to destress, kind of a nerd with anything science related, but she loathes math.
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