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(Enchanting Stories)
29 / Male / Single
California - United States
Hello and welcome to my domain!

I am an avid writer, looking to practice my craft with others of a kindred spirit. I am looking to expand my horizons and my skills in writing, as well as to explore new realms of imagination and mystery. Expansive worlds, engaging histories, intriguing characters, beguiling romances; I'm interested in exploring all these things.

I owe much of my love of fantasy to books such as Harry Potter, Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle, the Wheel of Time, Name of the Wind, and so many others. From the land of Gor to the setting of the Mistborn Trilogy, many settings have captivated my interest. That being said, I am more interested in creating original settings and characters rather than walk the path that others have trod before.

That being said, I might be willing to make exceptions, if there is an intriguing enough plot.

Please be aware that I do have a job and a life outside of this site, so sometimes my replies might not be immediately forthcoming. I will be patient and understanding if you are in a similar situation.

But enough of introductions, let's get writing!

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Do come back, my darling.

Jun 18th 2022 12:18