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21 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
//Hello! Welcome to my profile, here are some rules below but there wont be many~

-Im gay so no girls, only boys~
-sometimes I look at profiles and am to shy to add so shoot me a request and if I accept you’re one of those people~
-anime pictures only~
-if you add me and don’t message in 30 minutes I’ll delete you~
-please if you add me message me first, i'll do the same~
-18+ only~
-I wont rush into er*t*ca, I want a long term rp that doesnt rush itself~
-Please don't come to me in rp, we need to choose a plot first~
-come with plots~
-3 days and i'll remove you if I don't get a reply~
-if I see you online and not messaging me I’ll delete you~

my genres: romance is a must, slice of life, fantasy
(i'll happily do a rp with cannon characters but only isacc foster from angels of death and 707 from mm)

A list of my kinks:

toys (you know what kind),
being dommed (sub btw),
blowjobs (giving), face fecking
Size difference
Stomach bulging (you know what with)

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//Ah no one's online~
Mood: bored
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