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Goodbye *Heavy Content Warning*

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Felix never had the time to go home especially with The Order always having things that needed to be done along with his cover job taking up the rest of his time. It had been almost 20 years since he had last seen his mother, only having the last thought of her being terrified in his brain at the sight of his father.

He tried to always send her money though with the support from The Order and his cover job he made quite a bit of money, the exchange rate also made his dollar more effective for his mother who was back in Brazil. Having already been on a plain with his partner Fatima they were set to arrive in Salvadore in just a couple of hours.

The two Order members were quiet this was a touchy situation and Fatima knew things were different because Felix himself was quiet. "Are you sure that you want me to be here?" Despite being a stone cold killer she could still had a sense of caring.

"Of course, I mean you can do what you want when we get there everything will be fine. I just, she was..." Felix started but paused to gather his thoughts. "It's been almost 20 whole years since I last saw her. I can't help but feel like I've abandoned her."

"That is why you sent her the money and letters right? To let her know that you were still alive and that you cared. That has to count for something Felix, for a mother to know that her son is a survivor despite all that he went through means a lot, not only that but you were able to send her something to help her out." Fatima placed a hand on his knee and smiled at him with a warming glow.

Fatima earth bender and overall powerhouse was comforting him? Felix looked from her hand to her face seeing her features happy. It was strange her smooth brown skin appearing so soft in this moment. Blinking and shaking the progressive thought off he said. "Well let's hope so."

After removing her hand she said. "Well look on the bright side, you'll get to see her now and I get to see the lavish home that you grew up in, now I can cross that off my bucket list having fully completed it. I mean Roshoku doesn't apply because you know his situation but you actually grew up somewhere else."

"Well prepare to be disappointed." Felix said before leaning back in his seat closing his eyes not wanting to talk more about anything at least until they got there. A few hours they were on the ground in a rather posh area.

"Oooh my gosh the houses here are so beautiful, see I knew you came from money." Fatima said as she grinned.

"This isn't my neighborhood." He said as a kid ran up to the both of them but as he looked at their faces Fatima smiled and he ran away screaming. "Give him a few years we'll kill him later." Felix added since the boy obviously had some sort of spiritual power and saw them more than just people.

As they walked the houses went from pristine to down right junky, the divide in wealth was very strong over a span of a few streets. Once they reached the place where Felix grew up, a small yellow house with white trimming. I tire turned into a flower bed housing dead dry white flowers.

Knocking on the door Felix called out. "Mamá abre!" Knocking on the door again he then put his hands into his pocket.

Fatima looked around however spotting an old couple across the street sitting on lawn chairs. The two looked at each other and whispered something before the woman got up and went inside of the house.

"Felix, did your mother like flowers?" Fatima asked going over to the bed of dry flowers in front of the window and then looked at the wilting white flowers inside of the tire full of dirt.

"Yeah she loved taking care of them something about raising something delicate since I was so abrasive. Ma open the door! I don't think she's here." Felix said with a frown on his face.

'These flowers hadn't seen a drop of water.' Fatima thought touching one as the dry petals fell off. Just then she looked at the old man who was crossing the street walking with his cane and something in his hand. Approaching Fatima he started talking but she didn't understand Spanish in the slightest. "Um..." Holding up her index finger she called Felix over and the two engaged in a conversation.

"Muerta? No no eso no puede ser." Felix said to the elderly man who then handed him the obituary with his mothers face on it. Biting his lips Felix frowned looking over the paper.

Fatima knew what was coming once she saw his reaction to the woman on the paper and she then went wide eyed immediately taking the old man across the street before Felix exploded.

"Maldita sea todo!" Clenching the paper in his hand he then went back to the door pushing it open breaking the lock and saw the mail piled up on the floor. Two of the letters from himself which meant that she had to had been gone for two months now. Kicking the letters aside he went further into the house going straight to the refrigerator opening it to see the rotten food followed by the pungent odor.

Slamming the refrigerator door Felix couldn't bring himself to tear up his mothers home because even as a grown man now the Chancla was fierce. Water building up in his eyes he then went to her bedroom seeing the beed neatly made.

"Felix... You are in a neighborhood full of people you-" Fatima started once she got into the house but he cut her off.

"I don't give a f***! My mother is dead, and I didn't even get the chance to see her while she was probably sitting back hoping that she could have seen me one last time before she died!" Seeing a framed picture of his mother and his younger self he had a frown on his face while she had a bright smile that lit up the whole picture.

"... I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye." He said sobbing looking down at the paper reading her name Yemina Arcos. "She tried her damn hardest, and all we got was hate, hate from everyone!"

Fatima couldn't even stop her own heart from hurting hearing her partner sound so sad. This was really something because they themselves killed people but anytime one got emotional about it the others usually did too, well that was how it was for Felix and herself. The sound of car doors slamming though broke her out of the state.

"Arcos!" A large man called out with an AK-47 in his grasp aimed at the house. "You're mom owed us money Arcos!" The gang members heard news that Yemina's son was in town and considering his violent nature as a child the guns were just an extra step to make sure they could get him to cough up the money. "Super models get paid right? I know the ladies make the most money but I bet you've got a nice savings account!"

The old couple across the street couldn't back in the house fast enough. They had witnessed something they never thought they'd see. As Felix stepped out of the doorway it was like all the men went quiet. Felix was clean one moment and within a blink he was bloody, the heads of the gang members rolling away as their bodies hit the floor.

"Oooh!" The old couple exclaimed in fear as they rushed as fast as they could into their home. A child saw on his bike mouth a gape as even more cars showed up. A loud roar was heard and the earth shook from the force of power it wasn't Felix who had done it though that came from elsewhere.

Read this blog for the source of the roar:

It was invigorating to be back home just to have it all snatched away by the one person he cared about being dead. A blue aura erupted from his feet tears now streaming down his face Felix blitzed the cars not even allowing some of the men to even get out one car had even been completely sliced into blood soaked mechanical bits.

"Who else wants some!?" He yelled out those witnessing the scene horrified and shocked. This man had just taken down a whole gang, was glowing, none of the gang members even had the chance to get a shot off. Yet he still broke down and fell to his knees after the slaughter.

Dropping down Felix cried he didn't even want to think about anything else but his mother. Whoever called the gang needed to pay but he couldn't focus on that. Memories of him with his mom flooding his head.

"... Felix." Fatima said in a soft tone.

"We kill and we kill, what for? It just seems like we are in an endless cycle of destruction! When can we sit back? When can we enjoy what WE have before it's too late?" Too emotional right now he didn't even realize what the roar was prior to the slaughter. "She was a good woman, she didn't have to go out like that! All those years I had no choice, I was torn away from her, and now she's torn away from me."

Fatima gasped as a female appeared behind Felix it was Mistress herself. dawned in an all black dress, the train lit in black flames she hit her staff on the ground frowning. Felix had messed up his emotions made him sloppy and now she had to show up to correct the situation.

Mistress: "You've best explain yourself Felix. Why are you using such power in front of so many witnesses?" Waving her scepter in the air a combination of light and dark magic gathering before she hit the ground as all the humans vanished only leaving their clothes behind. "They've been tainted."

Felix: "Get away from me you sick bitch! This is all your fault if you had never-"

As the Mistress closed her fist she wrenched his soul as punishment.

Mistress: "Watch your tongue Arcos, you are powerful but you'd do best to realize that it is me that you bow to. Now get yourself together it is time that we retrieve Roshoku before his true power is released and he ends all... and I mean ALL if he isn't controlled."
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Target *Trigger death warning*

"Heh... Ha...Hahaahaa!" Felix let out a laugh sitting at the bar with an old man who had just told him the most boring joke that he had ever heard. "my gosh you are hilarious man!" Felix imitating a New York accent perfectly to the man who was none the wiser whom he had been sitting with.

Target Hector West, electromage specializing in revivals and devastating thunder attacks. The older man's soul would better suit Felix or so he thought. Even if he couldn't learn anything through the devouring process this S-tier fighter would still make him stronger.

"You know everyone around here seems to be afraid of old guys, I say age not only brings wisdom but a certain something that young ones just do not have." Felix said in a powder blue suit with all white and diamond accessories to match. Paired with his naturally good looks the male looked like the very personification of the sky.

"That is true..." Taking a few sips from his martini glass he then went on to ask. "Are you a friend of the bride or groom?" He asked curiously.

"The bride Sarah actually I met her at a Wal-Mart and no disrespect to the groom but I was awe struck with her beauty and tried to get her on board with modeling but she was intent on getting her nursing career going. In the meantime we became friends and yeah, she's amazing and I am so happy for her. How about you? Bride or the groom?" Felix leaned forward eyes locked onto the old mans who seemed to match the same energy as his.

"I'm Sarah's father actually it's nice to know that not only I thought that she could be a model." Hector said with a chuckle before raising both eyebrows looking at Felix and his mouth went slightly a gape.

"Beauty must run in the family then, I bet your wife is a very happy woman."

Hector's jaw dropped even more as he then became nervous. "O-o-oh I."

"What's the matter cat got your tongue?" Felix chuckled before giving Hector a smirk and smiled softly. This was degrading of course he would much rather kill the man right here but who knows who would come to the males aid and Felix was not a fan of getting interrupted in the middle of a kill or battle.

"I-i, I have to take a rest room break." The older man said and asked. "Can you watch my drink?"

Felix nodded his head. "Yeah sure it'll be fine with me." He said watching Hector walk off but then followed after him. 'Watch my drink for me? Like anyone would slip something in your drink at a wedding reception?' Fee thought to himself before pushing open the door to the men's room. With a slow stride he walked by each stall before seeing Hectors back turned towards him. Felix quickly moved to the side as the door opened and immediately pushed Hector gently back into the stall. "Y'know I've been waiting to meet you for a very long time now. Once I connected the dots I knew that I just had to have you."

Hector was a nervous wreck at this point it was clear Felix was flirting with him. "I've never done this before." Hector said with his excitement growing.

"Oh I bet you have." Felix said in an ominous tone before placing both hands on the older mans shoulders and doing a full back roll kicking the old man out of the stall and into a sink cracking the fixture and shattering the mirror completely shattering it.

"Wha-?" Hector looked at Felix before the door to the stall closed blocking his view of the clearly evil individual. Bringing his hands together he summoned orbs of electricity which began to orbit around him rapidly. Shooting one at the door he was shocked to see Felix flip out of a completely different stall with claws extended and immediately knew what was going to happen. "You're one of the spirits! The Arrancar I've heard your race has been on the rise again. You all should've died off millennia ago!"

"Old generation news shouldn't be your concern right now my father is over 7000 years old no telling how long his father before him lived so I don't care where they are or where they should be, I only care about... Where you are going to end up."

Hector smirked saying. "You are just an infant who is getting ambitious about his kill figures you are shikai has something to do with claws but where is your Zanpakuto?"

"You assume I need my sword to access my abilities? Another mistake you've made with old information, enough talking." Using Sonido the male moved in an instant only to reach an empty spot as Hector focused his electricity into his feet to boost his speed.

'He's fast.' Hector thought to himself bringing his hand up to the slash marks on his side having been grazed by the attackers claws.

"My oh my." Felix said taking his suit jacket off and un-tucking his shirt. "Can we both agree that if you do not attack this fight is gong to be sooo boring." His smug smirk turned into a frown as he looked over at the old man. "Let me guess, you aren't quite what you used to be? Can't quite get it up high enough to actually launch an attack... Or is it you lack the energy to do it? You only have a few burst shots in you until you are exhausted?" Dodging an arc of lightning Felix tilted his head to the left and grinned. "Do it call down the thunder of your ancestors."

Hector did exactly that unfortunately the loud bang and crash from the strike caused many people to think that a bomb went off and fled from the venue as quickly as possible. "You shall not consume my soul demon!" Electrified to the core Hector began to levitate with other electrified beings around him. The males ancestors had come to assist him with this battle because he alone would not be able to handle this battle. "Begone Arrancar you are outnumbered." One spirit said.

With a smirk Felix then put both of his hands up. "Alright alright... I admit I didn't expect for so many of you guys to come to the man's aid but... I may be outnumbered but far from outmatched." Engaging the first wave of spirits he successfully took each of them down without suffering from a single blow. It wasn't until the second wave approached with a different tactic that Felix was slashed in the back with the soul cutter but it wasn't deep enough to draw blood from his skin.

Hector entrapped Felix in an orb of thunder before throwing him out of the bathroom. "You've ruined my daughters special day!" As he levitated towards the door he was once again surprised a bright light flashed in front of him and he went wide eyed. "No! Nooooooo!"

Things went quiet for a moment it was hard to tell what happened there but all of the transparent spirits along with Hector had been on the ground with literally everything behind them completely obliterated. "Ugh." Felix exclaimed as the spirits got sucked inside of him. Picking up the old man by his throat he then said. "My zanpakuto and I are one if I need the blade then it shall appear and when I do not it will remain where I will it." Pulling out a dagger he pinned the male to the bathroom wall by stabbing it through both of his wrists. "Your soul is mine." He said as the old man began kicking his legs weakly from having his soul devoured.

"Damn... He was weaker than I thought." Opening up a Garganta portal he grabbed his suit jacket and left the scene as if he himself had never been there to begin with only the destruction and blood from Hector left behind as a sign of battle.
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Detailed Info

Name: Felix Arcos

Age: 25

Place of birth: Salvador Brazil

Current location: Varies

Nationality: Brazilian

Education: Home Schooled

Occupation: Assassin

Income: Untracked


Eye color: Brown
Build: Fit
Do they have any distinguishing features (tattoos, scars, birthmarks)? Cursed Diamond mark on his left and right forearms.

Do they wear glasses? No

What accessories are ALWAYS associated with them (cane, pipe, necklace, etc.)? Zanpakuto Azure and Platinum hilt

(Zanpakuto is a soul cutting weapon most times in the form of a sword until power is released. Form varies from user to user.)

What's their usual level of grooming? Highly groomed

Tidy living space and workplace

Do they have any distinguishing “tics” and mannerisms? Scratches objects to relieve stress.

What's their health like? Do they suffer from chronic illnesses? Healthy as a horse

Describe their handwriting (sloppy, neat, careful, unintelligible). Sloppy

How do they walk? Light footed


How do they talk (rapid, slow, measured, drawl, etc.)? Rapid

What's the style of their speech (elevated, educated, peppered with slang, etc.)?

Do they have an accent? Brazilian South American

Posture: relaxed

Only when agitated or eager
Doesn’t gesture
Compulsive “hand-talker”
Controlled, only to make a point
Other? If so, explain: Controlled but when agitated very expressive

How much eye contact that they like to make (direct, shifty, etc.)? Direct

What's their preferred curse word: No preference

What's his catchphrase? Let's see you. (Show me what you've got)

Any speech impediments? None

What's their laugh like? What do they tend to find funny? Sinister/deep/fear inducing

Describe their smile? Mesmerizing

How emotive are they? Do they wear their emotions on their sleeve? How easily can others to read them? Dull emotions, but acts very emotive (Pretends to care)

Part 2: The Flesh

What's the name of their hometown? Salvador Brazil

What type of childhood did they have (sheltered, neglected, etc.)? Destroyed

Describe their education? Banned from Brazilian school district leading him to be home schooled. He was eventually educated by The Order

Were they involved in organizations and clubs at school? None
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Felix Arcos Backstory

Location:Salvador Brazil

Born to a single mother Felix had struggled to get the necessary vitamins to mature in a healthy way. His mother Yemina Arcos resorted to prostitution for money to take care of the both of them since her fast food job wasn't paying her enough. This lead Felix to see many things and come into contact with many people who could care less about him or his mother. Eventually he met his father and if things couldn't get any worst the man only came around to get with Yemina after all this time.

It was a known fact his mother was a prostitute many children around his age made fun of him for it. Causing him to develop a very loud and violent personality by the age of six Felix had been permanently suspended/expelled from his local school districts they claimed that he was just too difficult to work with and many teachers just didn't have the time to always stop to look at him specifically. Even then he still got into fights around his home that was until he tried to fight a man that had hit his mother. Never had Felix been beaten so badly in his life it was a horrible experience but completely worth it to him since his mother was no longer the one being hurt.

The lifestyle matured Felix way too fast for a boy his age. While boys thought about playing outside and being super heroes Felix thought of way that he could make money. In a combination of his mothers "clients" and him seeking out ways to make money. The now seven year old found himself in the delivery business while also helping his mom out with her own business making runs for her and what not.After leaving one day to make a run to the local grocery store he came back to hear his mother screaming. Some guy had came around and most likely thought it was okay to lay his hands on her violently. Felix would sneak around the back to enter the house from behind as well as grab the pistol that his mother kept in case of emergencies.

This was the second time he had seen his father but this was not like how he wanted. With the pistol aimed at the man who's features were lit up by the hanging light above as his mother was able to get away to turn on the light. "Run baby don't fight, just run now!" She said with blood covering her face but her clothes were still on which was an odd thing in itself.

With the gun aimed at the man who opened his arms upon seeing his boy in a husky voice he said. "You wouldn't shoot papi now would you?" The man asked his son knowing that he wouldn't be able to do it.

"Felix baby listen to me he's not here for me he's here for you just run now!" Yemina said as she practically begged her son to run before something terrible happened. She knew what his father was about and she knew why he had came this time.

Swiftly moving the slender man dashed in a zig-zag motion which made Felix fire off a shot but missed, the second shot he fired he could have sworn that he hit the man but he still charged towards him with cat like reflexes he was ale to dodge the rest of the shots and said. "Got you." As he blitzed his son right off of his feet. Sending the pistol sliding across the room the young boy was knocked unconscious.

Everything was a blank for Felix when he awoke he was on some sort of beach with his father smoking a cigarette sitting not far away from him. "Ah you are awake." His father said flinging the cigarette away into the sand.

"Where is my mother you jackass?" Felix responded quickly trying to get up but couldn't quite do what he wanted because of the head trauma caused from being tackled by a grown man.

"You have a position that you need to fill and growing up with your mother will not prepare you for what you need to do nor will she show you who... what you really are."

From the day of separation from his mother Felix had been trained at any and every chance that he had been rested up. There were really no off days for him but when his father had brought the at the time eleven year old to a group of masked individuals which Felix would later on know to be members of The Order. He was tested on his agility, strength, durability, problem solving, as well as emotional stability. Failing the emotional stability portion he was still brought into The Order because that could always be worked on.


Usually one to work solo Felix has had many high profile kills ranging from all ages it wasn't until he was paired up with his rival Roshoku Kuromatsu a fellow member of The Order that they took their skills to the next level. Assassinating political figures some of whom had been killed in broad daylight leaving crowds wondering what had happened.
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Felix Abilities

Flight: Like all Shinigami, Vizards, and Arrancar, Felix is able to fly, or more specifically levitate in the air.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Felix is a very proficient hand-to-hand combatant, possessing masterful skill in using it as his primary means of attack. He is equally lethal using punches and kicks, and is highly unpredictable. His fighting technique is incredibly destructive, using his speed and reflexes to quickly take out his opponents. He is skilled enough to hold his own against stronger opponents for short amounts of time.

Expert Swordsman: Although he usually prefers hand-to-hand combat, Felix is also able to fight effectively with his Zanpakutō. He is shown holding his own against @Roshoku, who at the time was using Sharingan, when Felix only had one arm.

Pesquisa: Felix demonstrated this ability when he and his Fracción/underlings invaded Los Angeles. He is able to detect targets from a considerable distance.

Hierro: As a highly trained Arrancar, Felix has the passive ability known as Hierro. Felix's Hierro is strong enough to effortlessly block the sharp edge of a released Shikai blade/weapon with his bare hand, later showing the density of his skin by being able to grab Roshoku's blade, blocking it with his bare hand and receiving no damage.

Enhanced Strength:

Great Spiritual Power: Felix possesses a great deal of spiritual energy. Saffron described it as "worlds apart" from his underlings and wondered if he was even the same species. His Reiatsu is blue.

Highly Perceptive Combatant.

Cero: Felix's capable of firing a Seafoam colored Cero from the palm of his hand, as well as his fist. He has been shown firing it at point-blank range to increase its lethality, as shown when he incinerates the top half of a target after regaining his arm and rank. He uses it at point-blank range again on Melanie, incinerating her. Felix can also fire one Cero from each hand.

Gran Rey Cero: As an Order Arrancar, he is able to use this Order-exclusive Cero variant, which produces a much larger and more powerful version of the normal Cero. In order to fire it, Felix must have his own blood in hand, mixing his blood with the Cero as a catalyst. His Gran Rey Cero is colored blue.

Descorrer (Japanese for "Loosed Void"): Has the ability to open void like portals from Hueco Mundo to the world of the living vice versa.

Sonido Master: Ability to move at sonic speeds


Resurrección Form: Liger

Enhanced Hierro: Felix's Hierro receives an augmentation, allowing him to withstand a point-blank from Roshoku with his mask on without receiving any physical damage.

Enhanced Speed & Agility: Complimenting his already impressive speed and power, Felix's released state increases his speed drastically, giving him animalistic agility and movement to match his feline form. He is able to keep up with Roshoku using his Mangekyo Sharingan

Enhanced Strength: Has the strength to level a building in this form

Sonic Wave: When in his released form, he can roar loudly enough to create sonic waves in the air and surrounding area, which are powerful enough to throw off his opponents.

Garra de la Liger: Felix can create blade sharp blades of Reishi (Spirit energy) which manifest in the form of physical rays of hard light.

Desgarrón; Spanish for "Laceration/Great Tear", Felix can create blade sharp blades of Reishi (Spirit energy) which manifest in the form of physical rays of hard light. Strongest attack and can be used to create up to 8 tears from each of his claws besides his thumbs.
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