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(Auron Baelfire)
29 / Male / Single
Rhode Island - United States
Multi-muse account featuring Auron Baelfire, Bolin Ukamason, and Felix Grimm.

Prince Auron: Alien Prince and technology expert with smile that could melt even the warmest of hearts. Often underestimated in battle due to his looks his skills in ranged combat and use of technology along with his ability to produce orange solar powered energy makes him much more than meets the eye.

Bolin:Warrior to the very end, is usually the first one in the battle to charge in and has a tank role on his teams.

Felix: Arrancar who is a member of The Hidden Order, a rough around the edges guy with a sharp tongue and even sharper fighting skill set.

Feel free to check out each of the character blogs to see who you would like to rp as the main character and the other two will be featured as side characters in the rp.

-Under Construction-

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