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(Felix Arcos)
29 / Male / Single
Rhode Island - United States
Felix: Arrancar who is a member of The Hidden Order, a rough around the edges guy with a sharp tongue and even sharper fighting skill set.

Feel free to check out each of the character blogs to see who you would like to rp as the main character and the other two will be featured as side characters in the rp.

18+ only

Character info in blogs and there will also be more to come.

Opposite profile: @roshoku

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Athena hadn't fully recovered from the last encounter. She was still dragging her feet, tired as hell. And well...also very, very angry.

She had no idea what happened to Hiro, nor anything about Roshoku. And yet, here she was. She owed Hiro, she owed him more then most. And seeing how he was the nicest person she had come to know, she knew she had to try.

Pushing herself up off the ground. The female spat a small wad of blood to the side. And wiped away any acess. Getting her second wind before with a sharp snap.

She whipped a long, and jagged whip at the male. And with intent, to not only damage, but to also..possibly kill.

Her moral compass had been locked up for this. She was done taking the hits, she was set off. With her irises glowing. The female made sure, that whip got a grip on him. And a tight one at that.

" You're going to regret running you're f***ing mouth, and you're going to do the talking. F*** Roshoku. My concern is Hiro." She stated, very clear.

" So i am going to ask nicely /once/. Where.The. F***. IS. HIRO." She said as she made sure her grip was firm. Seeing how it latched onto his arm, and no where else for better aim.

Athena's atmosphere was far from welcoming, and fair from the weakling she had displayed to be.

All those fights, she was not putting her full force to the front. But this time, she allowed her real potential to slowly arise.

Jun 3rd 2019 23:22

"I'm working on it...When I'm done I'll stop by and help clean up and stuff." He'd strugglingly pick the other one up.

Cole carried not only the weight of the other he took down...but the weight of the world...
Apr 21st 2019 15:20

He'd immediately shockes the other unconscious again.

"He killed an elderly woman cause she was home during a home invasion, a lady who did nothing wrong and for fourty years helped her community...So your damn store don't mean sh*t too me when I'm going after an killer who murdered an innocent woman, F*** you and your store." He stood, pushing the other.

He was saddened by the others actions, he'd miss her.
Apr 21st 2019 14:06

"Out the way pal.." He'd absorb the buildings electricity, Powering up as he then Jumped in the air, slamming his weapon into the skull of the other, the AMP, knocking him unconscious.

"Damn bastard.." He'd walk, he had a killer headache...
Apr 20th 2019 22:44

The Hero gig, something Cole hadn't done in awhile since he activated the Ray Field Inhibitor, it had drained his powers to simplistic levels, just shooting bolts of electricity, he was helping an elderly lady, she couldn't pay her electricity this month, and Cole was able help her daily, keep her house charged, that's when he was fighting a meta, knocked him in the air and through a building, stuck in the debris was cole, unconcious...
Apr 20th 2019 21:35