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(Eve ☁️)
111 / Female / Broken Hearted
Love Valley, Michigan - United States
❤Please read!❤

♡ Admin(?)
// Hello, my dears, I'm Eve! Feel free to call me anything you want; within reason, of course. I can roleplay whatever your little heart desires, (within reason as well ^^") so if that means MxM, MxF, or FxF, just throw it at me! I love doing anything with a good story, so we can work together to make a good one.

Just keep in mind I'm female, so if that makes you uncomfortable, please step away now.

♡ More roleplay info.
// Like I said, I can do anything within reason. The only things I for sure don't do are extreme kinks that are disgusting to the majority. Real life is a borderline no, but if you can convince me, try to.~ ❤

♡ Characters & plots.
// I have characters to fit almost any sort of situation. I'll put them up one by one, I'm pretty busy with school and stuff!

Remember, to have fun and smile!~

~ Eve

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Maybe I want you to.
Nov 17th 2019 16:09

You like me? owo??
Nov 15th 2019 18:21

Kee~!!!! She does!
Nov 10th 2019 19:52

My name is "Your bitch" FYI Ù_Ú
Nov 7th 2019 10:30

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Nov 4th 2019 02:24