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(Corpse Husband)
25 / Male / Single
United States
Hey hey hey,
This is the owner of this profile. I would like to use this first page to explain a few things.

〤 I am 23 years old and live in Europe. (it's jfi, time zones vary)
〤 I am 100% down for writing with someone who knows who Corpse Husband is. It does not matter if your character is OC or Canon. Everyone is welcome.
〤 I didn't expect i will need to add this point but clearly bunch of people didn't understood. By knowing Corpse I don't mean "I know one song", "I know his is famous" -
like bro. Don't expect him to be social sunflower. (people who actually know him, know him.)
〤 Please let us discuss the plot, etc. for our characters first. I am confused if someone randomly starts writing to me in their character.
〤 If you do not feel like writing rp (or you don't know my character), that does not mean we can not just write together like friends. Feel free to write if you are tired of something, maybe I will not help you but I will listen.
〤 I am sure at some point in my life I will be so motivated (bored) that I will create a blog on this site for other topics and probably plot ideas.
〤 I write mainly mxm or mxf. m-In my case, I don't care if I am top or bottom. This is individual thing so we can talk it out.
〤 If I am not replying but you see me online - there is main reason for that. I have this site on the second screen while I play some games.
〤 I am done with asking people "do you know Corpse husband". If I will have enough suspicion that you don't know who he is - that's for me instant unfriend.
〤 if you want just to talk and you don't know who is he, don't try to bring any ideas.

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