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16 / Male / Forever Alone
That one town in the United States, United States
Heyo, the names Cokimasa101! You can call me by Coki, Masa, Cookie, whatever floats your boat (just make sure to not break any rules :eyes:). Normally I kinda lurk around, maybe chat with a person every so often, but I'm always open to talking folks if ya ever need to talk with someone! I've been starting to get back into roleplays so I'm not the greatest, but if you want to suggest a way for me to improve I'm more then happy to hear. I typically stick with generic roleplays such as, Anime, Action, sometimes Slice of life or Romance. But I have a short attention span sometimes or I might be working/doing something else at the time and might not respond right away, if this is the case I would recommend doing something else for the time being (I've had this issue on discord alot, so I'm sure if that's a thing here). And that's pretty much what I feel like sums me up, if you got any questions feel free to ask I'll try my best to respond, other than that, have a nice day! :P

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