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CoffinsAndChocolate's Blog

Asher Davidson

Name: Asher Davidson
Age: 24 (flexible)
Race: Asian
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Demisexual

Approximate height/weight: About 5' 5," 90-100 pounds.
Hair color: White.
Eye color: Cloudy blue
Common attire: Cardigans, jeans, usually "hipster looks."
Birthmarks/scars: N/a.
Health (mental and physical:) Asher was born albino, and in a later accident became blind.

Personality: Asher is usually very quiet. He's pretty empathetic, and is a people-pleaser. He can be talkative around people he's comfortable with, though.
Hobbies: Asher enjoys listening to indie music, spending time with his friends, studying religion, and petting cats.
Occupation: He works as a elementary school teacher.
Residence: He loves across the hall from Evangeline, and she helps him around a lot.
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A lot of people say they don't like him, don't know why. If you don't like him or think he will go well with your character/s, please tell me.

Name: Dorian Valentine Bellerose
Age: 19 (flexible)
Race: Hispanic
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Panromantic asexual

Approximate height/weight: About 5'1," he's rather short. Around 85-90 lbs. In grade school he was nicknamed "Mouse" for his small form.
Hair color: Dark chocolate brown
Eye color: Blueish green
Common attire: Several layers, clothes that are too big. He enjoys wearing turtleneck sweaters, oversized jackets, collared shirts, and shades of green. He doesn't like skin-tight clothing, or just one layer.
Birthmarks/scars: He has a large purple birthmark on his right shoulder, and burn scars on his left wrist and forearm.
Health (mental and physical:) He has dyslexia, but his physical health is on average decent. He gets sick easily, and he has a dangerously weak immune system.

Personality: Dorian usually has a lot of energy, and a lot to say. He is a very kind/moral person, and genuinely enjoys helping other people. He isn't the most social, but he will warm up to people easily. He is very gullible and easily manipulated, and he can be clingy.
Hobbies: He loves animals and plants, and has quite a few of both in his house. He enjoys playing piano, reading short poems, and sketching plants and animals.

(Dorian does belong to an old friend on this site. I have permission to use him.)
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