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United Kingdom
"I took a little journey to the unknown
And I come back changed, I can feel it in my bones
I f***ed with the forces that our eyes can't see
Now the darkness got a hold on me
Holy darkness got a hold on me."
-Meet Me In The Woods, Lord Huron

I play: Both males and females of differing sexualities and gender expressions. I have a main OC, but if he doesn't suit you, I assure you that I have more. That being said, please tell me if you don't think out characters will go well together. Please refrain from asking me to pick your OC, because I don't personally think that is my job. Additionally, I don't have bios for all my characters, so either give me time to write one up or agree that we'll survive without it.

I prefer to play with: Anyone. I don't mind any OCs, as long as they're not A) A Mary/Gary Sue, overpowered, etc. or B) A complete and total arse 24/7.

Preferred genres: Paranormal, supernatural, slice-of-life, romance, crime/mafia. (Be aware that I'm always open to try new things.)

Genres I don't do: NSFW. Sorry, folks, but I'm ace. I don't feel comfortable with NSFW scenes unless they're absolutely crucial to the plot.

Fandoms I play: N/a. I enjoy original verses much more. Also; If your plot/character is based off of from a fanbase, I probably won't know too much about it, seeing as I don't watch TV just about ever.

Length: I enjoy two or more paragraphs of decent writing. Please note that if English is not your first language, or if you're a beginner, I will be somewhat lenient.

Time: I'm online often, and I prefer a reply at least once a week. That said, I understand people have lives, and I am very flexible with this "rule."

Triggering themes: I can play dark characters or plots, but please notify me beforehand if you have any triggers. Again; No complete arse's, and no NSFW.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to getting to know you all.

(And, here are some honorable mentions for people on here I absolutely adore roleplaying with!)

Where to begin? I know our roleplay isn't too far along, but your character and the setting you've built is amazing!!!

I absolutely love Shion, he's so well-developed! I cannot wait to see where our characters go!

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Ok, felt like this needed to be posted since most people on this site tend to roleplay NSFW scenes.
I prefer not to do them, it's often very awkward for me. That being said, if it is crucial to plot, I will consider it (depends on the roleplay.) If you wanted to include such themes, I'm not against discussing it. Just ask, and we can talk it out. Don't just jump into it, otherwise it's a "no."
5  Aug 13th 2019 14:55

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