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Hello ladies and gents, I'm CobaltDemonio, but you can just call me Cobalt! Now, like many others here, I'm here for some roleplaying because hey, I get bored, and I like to write.
That being said, I've got some rules for that, and then I'll tell you about myself. Let's get down to this.


Rule 1: NO ONE-LINERS. I won't reply to you if you use a one-liner, simple as that. My ABSOLUTE MINIMUM length is roughly 1 paragraph.

Rule 2: No godmodding. I'm fine with people playing things like gods, demons, etc, because I do so myself, but PLEASE DO NOT make your character stupidly overpowered with no real weaknesses or disadvantages or anything. Also, please, for the love of god, don't try to control my character. It's one thing if you're supposed to be performing a specific action with them in a setting where they're interacting with each other, but I'm the one in their role, not you. Don't act like you are.

Rule 3: If you add me, expect to be messaging me first. If I send you a friend request, I will message you if I've seen that you accepted it. I ask that you please give me that same respect.

Rule 4: I'm not here for sex. No er*t*c roleplays. Relationships between characters are fine, but keep in mind, I'm not dating you if my character is getting all freaky with your character, so don't get that idea. If you try to break this rule, you can and will be warned and/or blocked.

Rule 5: DO NOT COME AT ME WITH A ROLEPLAY GREETING. We're all people outside of our characters, and frankly, we're discussing a plot and how we'll do the roleplay before we do anything related. Do not greet me in character. Do not attempt to speak to me in character. Do not act in character unless you are trying to continue our roleplay.

Rule 6: Please, do not ask me to start just because you're too lazy to start. I'm fine with you asking me to start if you can't think of a starter, but please, if you just don't want to put the effort in AT ALL, then what does that really say about you?

Rule 7: For any romance between characters, I only do MxF. Sorry, it's just my comfort zone. That being said though, I'm fine with anything non-romantically, so whatever you're down for, I'm cool with.

Now that we got that out of the way, what about me? What do I do?
Well, as I mentioned, I'm CobaltDemonio. I'm 17 years old and currently still in high school. I live in Canada, will not disclose where. I play video games, I watch anime and read manga (I'm not a weeb, I have no obsession with Japan nor a desire to be "a part" of Japanese culture. While I do find Japanese culture fascinating, that is as far as it goes.), I write stories and have my own lore and whatnot for said stories, I draw (though I'm not very good haha), I do pixel art, and I do some karaoke/singalong for a lot of songs I listen to, and do my own rap freestyles. For music, I tend to listen to a lot of rock, rap, and metal, it's how I grew up! I'd have to say my favorite artists/bands would definitely be Linkin Park (RIP Chester), Eminem, Nirvana, Joyner Lucas, Dax, and Token. My top 5 favorite video games, though this list may not be 100% right because I have so many, would have to be: Minecraft, Terraria, Devil May Cry 5, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls 3.