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Note to self: google “boobs”
2  16 hours ago

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. You just blew my mind
 Feb 20th 2021 13:52

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Yea. Been a member 6 years apparently. Honestly didn't realize. But also thanks your pfp is pretty neat too
Feb 25th 2021 18:06

you funny
Feb 24th 2021 09:28

Perhaps I am, you never know. :P
Feb 23rd 2021 21:01

lol youre welcome, and thank youu
Feb 23rd 2021 20:57

I like yours too! I have work in a few minutes so I'll be back later. I look forward to writing with you. ♡
Feb 23rd 2021 11:03

Thank you
Feb 22nd 2021 23:13

Thanks, I try to change it up every month. I even post the details for it in my album.
Feb 22nd 2021 21:38

we all need to be got for the lord
Feb 22nd 2021 20:05

Yeah sent the petite girly one with shoes she can't run away in.
Feb 22nd 2021 16:27

Horror storylines of course I'm the girl brave enough, or stupid .to go down the dark cellar alone.
Feb 22nd 2021 16:23