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(Sapphire Cloud)
22 / Female / Single and Looking

I’m Nia, 21 years old

I’m new to the site but I do have experience with rp
I started when I was about 15, over time I made friends with some cool rp people.
Which they fully understand to only rp. NO IRL
(I don’t do IRL stuff like sharing personal information or my background. Scary stuff, I made a mistake before so never again)
I have my three favourite: Mafia, Adventure and Romance type of rps. I put a bit of myself into my characters with the role so it just depends on us and who I’m playing. But I promise I’ll try to get you interested
n*fw and sfw. I’m the submissive type. No switching.

I do have a discord so add me on here and tell me your # so I could add you. THOUGH I’m only gonna add you if you’re actually fun to rp with. Or at least fun to talk to. I don’t hate but I do hate adding people and them never responding ever again and then I have a hard time cleaning out the people that bailed
So please just let me know if I’m boring or you just don’t like rping with me/my style. Just un-add me and I’ll un-add you with no hard feelings.

Once we start talking we can share information, interest, and rp characters. So I’ll share more of myself during our chats

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