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(Sage Carson)
20 / Female / Single
Virginia - United States
I love Romantic, Fansty, Drama (Goes under romance), ..and yea..I love roleplaying..I'm single.

I am currently looking for my Peter pan ((Robbie kay)) who would love to roleplay with me! So, I'l be looking! :D

A little about yourself Please Ma'm? "Well..I love music and roleplaying. I am a thugPug (My Digital Escape) I'm ..Weird, fun..Upbeat. I hangout with mostly guys not to many friends that are girls but thats just me.

Latest Questions

Q. Hey i'm so sorry i disappeared for almost 2 days, things happened haha. But i'm back!
A. It’s fine, I will respond when I can.
 Jul 17th 2019 11:35

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Same to you Love.
Jan 6th 2020 12:18

Jun 20th 2019 00:49

Well i wouldn't say pay off per say, because they were free xD, but yeah
Jun 14th 2019 22:05

Well I serve to please ;) also i took some acting classes on High school so i kinda know how to be in 'character'
Jun 14th 2019 21:54

May 2nd 2016 19:26