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(Chubby Bunny)
23 / Female / Single
United Kingdom
“I’m such a plump bunny, my belly is so stuffed yet I still feel so hungry!”

~Hello! Thank you for checking out my profile, and I hope we can Rp soon!~

- Weight-gain centric roleplays

- Cute Chubby Girls

- Seeking story-based and literate roleplays

- Don’t expect a reply immediately if we are doing a detailed roleplay

- No irl accounts

- Do not send starters please

- I would prefer to discuss and plot out a Rp before starting

- Multi-character account

- Predominantly furry stuff as I don’t really like human characters

- Kinks: weight gain, belly inflation, stuffing, bloating, force feeding, romance, embarrassment, stomach noises, skinny-to-big girls, pregnancy, rounder bellies (ask for more in dms)

- I have a specific fetish for weight gain only affecting the belly mostly, with some also going to the chest, butt, and thighs. But I don’t like it affecting stuff like legs and faces, so no multiple chins, excessive fat folds, obese, fat legs, fat necks, and fat arms)

- Limits: Ask in dms