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(Adam Trent)
31 / Male / Single
*99% of the time I prefer to write and approach in character. But will gladly have OOC discussions*

My specific kink is providing a/n/l training. Your character would have a preference or curiosity for a/n/l, or quickly has her reluctances eroded by discovering the stimulating pleasures at the hands of a skilled and intimate partner. This is important, and is my particular enjoyment for roleplaying, so this is mandatory.

If this is not your cup of tea, please say you are not interested and I'll politely leave you alone, guaranteed. A little about me, is I am an experienced roleplayer and have done everything from novella style to para in the past, but am currently seeking to keep my future roleplays from being to tedious, by starting more media res and without too much build up. I reserve more detailed roleplays for discord.

If you have read my profile and decided to message me, please include the word pineapple so I know for certain you understand my interests and expectations. Thank you!

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